Updated April 20th, 2024 at 14:39 IST

Viral Video: Instagram's ‘Meethi Poori’ Recipe Sparks Controversy, Netizens Reacted

Instagram's meethi poori, with a dotted surface resembling boils, sparks controversy online, raising concerns about aesthetics and edibility.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Instagram's ‘Meethi Poori’ Recipe Sparks Controversy, Netizens Reacted | Image:Instagram: artiii_002

In Indian households, pooris have long been revered as an essential part of special and traditional meals. Whether it's the halwa chana poori served during festivals or the poori bhaji for breakfast, these deep-fried breads hold a cherished place in Indian cuisine. However, a recent attempt to innovate with this beloved dish has stirred up quite the storm on the internet.

An Instagram user recently shared a video showcasing a new take on the classic poori recipe — "Meethi poori." The concept seemed intriguing: adding sweetness to the savory delight. The process involved pressing rolled-out dough onto the backside of a flat colander, resulting in a dotted surface. However, it was the appearance of these dots that sparked controversy.


The bulged-out dotted surface of the meethi poori, resembling boils or chickenpox, left many viewers feeling uneasy. Despite the end result being a fluffy poori, the browned dots caused discomfort among viewers, leading to a flood of comments expressing aversion towards the dish. The viral video has gotten over 1 crore views and 90,000 likes. 

Comments poured in, with many expressing their discomfort and dissatisfaction. One user even likened the appearance to a dish with boils, stating, "Ye toh mai plate mai bhi naahi dekh sakte itni funsi wali poori." The sentiment was echoed by others, with remarks such as, "Chicken pox wala poori" and "Food should not look like a disease."

The dissatisfaction wasn't merely limited to aesthetics; concerns were raised about the edibility of the dish. Some users questioned what to do with the meethi poori, as its appearance rendered it unappetizing. "Nahi to mai kya karu iska .. khane layak to bachi hai nahi yeh," read one comment, highlighting the dilemma faced by many viewers.




Published April 20th, 2024 at 14:39 IST