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Viral Video: Karnataka Cab Ride Turns Heated Over AC, Ignites Debate On Language & Service

Doctor argues with Karnataka cab driver over AC; incident recorded, shared online, gaining 90,000 views and sparking debate on service standards.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Karnataka Cab Ride Turns Heated Over AC, Ignites Debate On Language & Service | Image:X: gharkekalesh

Bengaluru: In an incident that has sparked discussions on social media, Dr. Atharv Dawar, a doctor traveling in a cab in Karnataka, found himself in a heated argument with the cab driver after requesting the air conditioner be turned on. Dr. Dawar documented the entire episode on his phone and later shared it online.

Dr. Dawar explained the situation in his social media post, noting that his reluctance to enter the cab initially stemmed from its unclean condition and a non-functional air conditioner. Despite his reservations, he proceeded with the journey. Shortly after it began, he asked the driver to turn on the AC, which led to the confrontation. Dr. Dawar mentioned that the driver had been conversing with him in Hindi before the disagreement escalated.


"It's not about language here, it's about arrogant and irresponsible person using Kannada language as smokescreen to continue scamming gullible people who travel to Bengaluru for work," Dr. Dawar wrote in his post.

Since its posting on May 20, the video has garnered over 90,000 views, along with numerous likes and comments. The incident has sparked a debate about customer service standards and the use of language as a potential barrier or excuse in professional interactions.


Check out the viral video:

The viral video was posted on X, by user @gharkekalesh with a caption that says, “Here's the Full Clip of kalesh b/w Cab driver and A guy over not Turning on AC in Karnataka.”


Check what user’s said:

“These people understand Hindi as well as English but they want others to learn Kannada.

Don't know why they hate North Indians.”


“Instead of making video he should have ended the journey there and looked for another cab. Why make such videos when you don’t know Kannada and the other guy doesn’t know your languages. Find another guy, who knows your language.”

“The passenger seemed to be nervous seeing the rowdy behaviour of the taxi driver. There is no point in talking so soberly and sweetly with him instead of taking alternative measures. That driver should be banned by all cab aggregators immediately.”


“I find a driver to be arrogant in this case! He is not responding to the question, and I don't find an issue with the passenger as he is not asking the driver to speak in Hindi or any language. He is trying to be cooperative, but why is the driver behaving in this way?”

“I stopped using public transport in Bangalore because of this reason only.  These uncouth language chauvinists give Karnataka a bad name.”


“Because of such few bad mouthed people our state gets bad name. Believe me, Bangalore is the best place in India.”


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