Updated March 1st, 2024 at 14:37 IST

Viral Video Shows Elephant Entering The Outskirts Of Belagavi City, Residents Get Alarmed

A wild elephant entered the outskirts of Belagavi City in Karnataka. Forest officials and the residents tried to navigate the animals towards the wild.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Wild Elephant Entered In The Belagavi City, Spreads Panic Wave | Image:ANI

Belagavi: Human encounters with wild animals are increasing every day, and people are terrified of this visit. This is the first time a wild elephant has entered the city. 

After getting the news, forest officials came to the spot and tried to navigate the animal towards the wild. In the video, it is visible how the forest officer on his bike is trying to catch the attention of this wild elephant so that he can take it towards the forest.  


ANI shared the video with a caption that read, #WATCH | Belagavi, Karnataka: A Wild Elephant entered a residential area near Shahu Nagar Forest Range.

(Source: Forest Department)"


The locals also helped the forest officials take the elephant back to his home. After roaming on the roads, the elephant went to the fields. The forest officials continuously track the movement of this giant animal to safeguard the residents. It also went towards Shahu Nagar, proceeding along the Kangrali road and heading towards Uchagaon. 


The sighting of a wild animal in the populated area of Belagavi City was a rare incident, and the forest officials handled the situation very perfectly, so no resident or official got hurt. And users of social media are again pointing out how humans are taking land that belongs to the wild and intersecting with the habitat of wild animals. 


Published March 1st, 2024 at 14:37 IST