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Viral Video: Social Media Influencer Gets Hypothermia During Snowy Pre-Wedding Shoot | WATCH

Influencer's dream snowy pre-wedding shoot in Spiti Valley leads to hypothermia, sparking debate on social media over priorities.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Social Media Influencer Gets Hypothermia During Snowy Pre-Wedding Shoot | Image:Instagram: aaryavora

Pre-wedding photoshoots are now established as a tradition before the wedding. People choose the location in which they dream the most, shoot their photos with their partner before marriage, and capture memories for a lifetime. And in this series, a viral video has surfaced on the internet in which a social media influencer was shooting her pre-wedding video in the snow-covered land of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. It was her dream to shoot a pre-wedding in the snowy hills, but it cost her hypothermia. 

Aarya Arora shared the whole incident on her Instagram account. She wrote all the behind-the-scenes (BTS) in the caption of this viral reel. The video showed people covering Aarya in a blanket and all her friends standing around her for warmth. And at the end of the video, she also added the final result of all this hard work. The video contains a text that says, “POV: Dying in -22 degrees Celsius for a pre-wedding in Spiti Valley.”

Aarya also wrote in the caption, “Would you dare to do this? I was freezing to death, but we had to capture the walking shot of both of us.” 

“Afterwards, I got hypothermia. It felt like someone was pouring acid on my hands constantly I couldn’t bear it. I’m so glad that my @ran_mastermind and all our other friends endured the cold with me. This had been manifesting for a year. And everything happened in exactly the same way!!!,” she further added. 

Watch the Video: 

Aarya has more than 8 lakh followers on her Instagram account, and some of her friends and her husband explained everything in the comments. 

He wrote, "I just want to explain a bit about this video. It shows a tough moment during our pre-wedding photo shoot in Spiti Valley, where it was super cold, -22 Celsius!"
"My wife Aarya Vora isn't acting, she's actually struggling with the cold. At such low temperatures, if you don't wear enough warm clothes, your body can get really cold quickly, making you feel numb, shiver a lot, and even get confused or disoriented. She pushed through this just to get those perfect shots for our special day. We're just sharing this experience and appreciate all your thoughts and kindness.” 

People in the comment section showed mixed reactions; while some of them were happy, many were trolling her for this thing. “You could have dressed normally in layers like the husband..this is foolish to dress in skimpy outfit at such temperatures, this is what one should never do, if they wanna live a few years more.” 

Another one wrote, “This proves that feeding Instagram is more important than your health lol.” 

A third user wrote, “Just for pre-wedding shoot, why people do such stunt? Any how congratulations to both..”




Published March 20th, 2024 at 19:35 IST