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Exclusive/ Whistleblower in Prajwal Revanna Alleged Sex Scandal Makes Startling Revelations | Exclusive

Whistleblower Devaraje Gowda revealed “many government officials are also victims of sexual harassment” and that "Revanna himself shot all those videos".

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Whistleblower Devaraje Gowda revealed “many government officials are also victims of sexual harassment” and that "Revanna himself shot all those videos". | Image:prajwal revanna

New Delhi: Days after some explicit video clips allegedly involving Prajwal Revanna, the grandson of former prime minister HD Deve Gowda, were circulated in Karnataka's Hassan, whistleblower of the alleged sex scandal and BJP leader Devaraje Gowda, in an exclusive conversation with Republic on Tuesday, revealed that “many government officials are also victims of the sexual harassment”, and that "Revanna himself shot all those videos" on his mobile phone.

Asserting that it [leaking videos] is a “political conspiracy” hatched by the Congress party, Revanna further confirmed that the allegations levelled against the Lok Sabha MP are true, and that Revanna's former driver Karthik is only “being made a scapegoat”.


“I had written a letter to the BJP high command and state leadership in December 2023 [regarding the same]. I have not leaked these videos”, Gowda told Republic, adding, “Karthik is being made a scapegoat as he was the one to provide all those videos in a pen drive”.

Stressing that Prajwal Revanna had – at the time – managed to get a stay on this case, Gowda further revealed, "In the next 10 days, everyone will know who is behind this controversy".


Prajwal Revanna Suspended From Party ‘With Immediate Effect’

Earlier during the day, the 33-year-old, who is the BJP-JDS candidate for the Hassan Lok Sabha constituency, was suspended from the party with immediate effect. 


"Videos of Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna allegedly harassing women are widely in circulation on social media and media and this has caused huge embarrassment to the party and its leadership," the suspension order said.

The suspension came minutes after the party core committee that met in Hubballi recommended his suspension to its national president and former PM HD Deve Gowda.


“In this backdrop, as per JDS party constitution and rules regarding breach of discipline and punishment, Prajwal Revanna has been suspended with immediate effect”, the order further read.

State JDS President HD Kumaraswamy, who was also present at the core committee meeting, reportedly said the tenure of the suspension is based on the SIT probe report and government action on it.


"We welcome the SIT probe. The suspension is until the SIT report on Prajwal's role. If it comes in the report that he is guilty, he will be permanently suspended," news agency PTI quoted Kumaraswamy as saying.

Amit Shah Questions Congress Government’s Silence in Karnataka

Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah sought to know why the Congress government in Karnataka did not take any action against Revanna for alleged sexual abuse of women.

Asserting that the BJP will not tolerate any insult to women, Shah while addressing a press conference in Guwahati reportedly said, “Congress has been alleging that an NDA partner’s candidate is involved in the incident, but I just want to ask a small question - whose government is there in that state (Karnataka)? Congress is in power in Karnataka, and this matter must have come to their attention. Why has it not taken any action on it so far? We cannot take any action as law and order is a state issue".


Stressing that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi should question her party’s chief minister”, Shah quipped, “What is the Karnataka government doing? Why is there no inquiry? We are in favour of a probe, and the JDS has also announced that action will be taken against Revanna".

Underlining that the issue reported in the media is “very hurtful and cannot be tolerated in any way”, Shah further said, “The BJP’s stand is very clear; we will not tolerate any insult to ‘matri aur nari shakti”, news agency PTI reported.


Why Did Karnataka Govt Let Prajwal Revanna Escape? NCW Chief Asks

The National Commission for Women (NCW), meanwhile, has taken cognisance of the matter and a Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been formed in this regard. Speaking to reporters in Uttar Pradesh's Varanasi, NCW Chief Rekha Sharma, said, “The NCW had already taken note of this, following which the SIT was formed”. 


“We have enquired about the status from the DGP today. Firstly, why did the government let him escape when the NCW had registered a complaint and why a police action wasn't taken and no arrest was made?” news agency ANI quoted Sharma as asking.

Asserting that the Congress government in Karnataka needs to answer these questions, the NCW chief further said, “It doesn't matter whether the videos getting circulated are old or recent, a crime is a crime…”


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