Updated March 19th, 2024 at 20:47 IST

Zomato Launches ‘Pure Veg Mode’ For Vegetarian Customers, CEO Accompanies Delivery Agent

Zomato has introduced a 'Pure Veg Mode' and a 'Pure Veg Fleet' for vegetarian customers.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
Deepinder Goyal was even seen stepping out "to deliver some pure veg orders". | Image:X

Zomato founder and CEO revealed the launch of 'Pure Veg Mode' and 'Pure Veg Fleet' delivery services specifically for vegetarian customers.  

"India has the largest percentage of vegetarians in the world, and one of the most important feedbacks we’ve gotten from them is that they are very particular about how their food is cooked and handled," said Deepinder Goyal.  


The founder of the food delivery company mentioned that the service was introduced in response to feedback received from vegetarians across the country.   

"To solve their dietary preferences, we are today launching a “Pure Veg Mode" along with a “Pure Veg Fleet” on Zomato for customers who have a 100 percent vegetarian dietary preference," said Goyal.  


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Goyal mentioned in his post on X (formerly Twitter) that restaurants featured in the Pure Veg Mode will exclusively comprise outlets that specially cook vegetarian food.  

The announcement has sparked a variety of reactions on social media, with several users praising the new marketing approach. "No one understands marketing and PR better than Zomato," wrote one user. "This is deeply disturbing because now many housing societies will just ban the entry of red-shirted Zomato delivery persons," another wrote.  


Goyal, however, stated that the newly launched service does not discriminate based on any religious or political preferences. "Please note that this Pure Veg Mode, or the Pure Veg Fleet, doesn’t serve or alienate any religious or political preference," he said.  

The Zomato founder also shared future plans to add more such fleets for the specialized needs of the customers. "In the future, we plan to add more specialized fleets for special customer needs. For example, there's a special cake delivery fleet coming up with hydraulic balancers that prevent your cake from getting smudged during delivery," said Goyal. He revealed that the special cake delivery fleet will be live in the next few weeks. 




Published March 19th, 2024 at 20:47 IST