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10 most unusual Christmas customs: A festive journey across unique traditions worldwide

Revel in the Uniqueness of These Global Christmas Traditions, from KFC Gatherings to Shoe Tossing

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
10 most unusual Christmas customs | Image:Unsplash

In a world brimming with diverse cultures, Christmas traditions are as unique and beautiful as the communities that celebrate them. As we approach the festive season, just four days away from Christmas, let's explore these remarkable Christmas customs from around the world that might both surprise and inspire you. This list, compiled by 'travel.earth,' unveils the top ten most unusual Christmas traditions worldwide.

1. KFC Festivities in Japan

Christmas in Japan may not be as grand, but the Japanese have adopted a unique tradition – a festive gathering at KFC. Yes, the Japanese celebrate Christmas by relishing fried chicken.

2. Shoe Tossing in the Czech Republic

Another distinctive tradition from the Czech Republic involves women tossing a shoe backward towards their front door. If the toe points towards the door, wedding bells may be in the near future; however, if the heel faces the door, singlehood may persist.

3. Spider Web Christmas Tree in Ukraine

Ukraine embraces a unique tradition involving decorative spider webs. Inspired by an old story where spiders adorned a poor family's Christmas tree, this tradition has persisted, symbolizing unexpected beauty.

4. Sauna Time in Finland

While it may be one of the most relaxing traditions, Finnish families warm up in saunas on Christmas Eve, fostering a connection with their ancestors.

5. Roller Skating to Church in Venezuela

In Venezuela, a fun and active tradition involves roller-skating to church on Christmas morning, infusing the holiday with a lively spirit.

6. Pickle Ornament Hunt in Germany

Germans enjoy a delightful tradition of hiding a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree. The child who spots it first receives a special gift, adding a playful element to the celebrations.

7. Cracker-Pulling in the UK

The UK celebrates the cracker-pulling tradition, where people engage in a friendly tug-of-war with a wrapped tube-like structure containing hidden gifts. The one who gets the larger end keeps the surprises within.

8. Chandlers in Colombia

In Colombia, on the night of December 7, people light candles on their windows and balconies to honor the Virgin Mary, creating a visually stunning display.

9. Radish Carving Festival in Mexico's Oaxaca

Mexico's Oaxaca hosts the Night of the Radishes or La Noche de Rábanos, a unique festival where participants showcase their creativity by carving radishes, beginning on December 23.

10. Swedish Christmas Special with Donald Duck

Originating from the popular 1960s show ‘Kalle Anka och Hans vänner önskar God Jul’ or ‘Donald Duck and his Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas,’ this Swedish tradition involves watching the beloved Donald Duck show on Christmas Eve.

Embrace the diversity of Christmas traditions around the world, and perhaps, incorporate a touch of uniqueness into your own celebrations this holiday season.




Published December 22nd, 2023 at 09:55 IST