Updated February 6th, 2024 at 21:02 IST

Anand Mahindra Shares 'Wonderful' Experience of Driving on Atal Setu, Netizens React

After waiting for some time, he was able to drive on the bridge, known as Atal Setu, and described the feeling as similar to "gliding smoothly over water like a

Reported by: Navya Dubey
He drove on the Atal Setu bridge, feeling like he was gliding on water. | Image:X

Anand Mahindra, a famous figure known for his active presence on social media platforms, recently shared his wonderful experience of driving on the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, also known as Atal Setu.  

This 21.8-kilometer-long bridge, inaugurated earlier this year, has been a subject of interest for Mahindra, who had expressed his eagerness to traverse it. 


In his social media post, Mahindra described the sensation of driving on the Atal Setu bridge akin to "hovercraft gliding on water," while also commending it as a remarkable piece of engineering. Despite his daytime trip to and from Pune, he expressed a desire to revisit the bridge soon to witness the breathtaking view at dusk, accompanied by a captivating night view image of the structure. 

He posted on X (formerly twitter) with caption,” Finally got to drive on the Atal Setu the previous weekend. A fine piece of engineering that makes you feel like you’re a hovercraft gliding on water. It was during daytime that I both traveled to and returned from Pune so I couldn’t experience the magnificent view at dusk as is visible in the viral pic on the right. But will do that as well—not too long from now…”  


Watch the post here:  

Mahindra's post sparked conversations among internet users, with many sharing their own experiences and admiration for the bridge's architectural prowess. Comments praised the engineering marvel, particularly highlighting the pillars and spacious gaps facilitating the passage of large cargo ships.  





Published February 6th, 2024 at 21:02 IST