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International Day of Action for Rivers 2024: Advocating 'Water for All' and Celebrating 27 Year

March 14th marks International Day of Action for Rivers, urging global action to protect these vital sources of water, biodiversity, and life itself.

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International Day of Action for Rivers 2024 | Image:Freepik

The International Day of Action for Rivers serves as a unified platform for individuals across diverse backgrounds to affirm the vital significance of rivers and advocate for their safeguarding. It underscores the imperative of ensuring communities' access to uncontaminated, unimpeded water sources and upholding everyone's inherent right to participate in decisions concerning their water resources.

It is incumbent upon us collectively to champion these rights and preserve our rivers, especially in our current era. As we commemorate the 27th anniversary of this occasion, let us also acknowledge the pivotal role of water accessibility in every facet of our existence.


The date for the International Day of Action for Rivers remains consistent, observed annually on March 14, with this year's celebration falling on a Thursday.

The designated theme for 2024 is "Water for All," emphasising the indispensable nature of water for sustenance and the principle that it should be equitably shared among all individuals, irrespective of the specific challenges their communities face regarding water rights, clean water access, opposition to dams, struggles against water exploitation and privatisation, or efforts towards dam removal and the restoration of aquatic habitats.


The roots of the International Day of Action for Rivers trace back to the inaugural International Meeting of People Impacted by Dams convened in March 1997 in Curitiba, Brazil. It was during this gathering that the concept of the "International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water, and Life" gained approval.

On March 14 of that year, river experts hailing from 20 different nations united in announcing the inception of the "Day of Action for Rivers." Their objective was to forge a coalition aimed at combating the degradation plaguing ecologically sensitive water bodies, rivers, and watersheds worldwide.




Published March 14th, 2024 at 00:00 IST