Updated January 18th, 2024 at 16:33 IST

Road Safety: Delhi Police's Viral 'How to Do a Wheelie' Post Grabs Attention On Social Media

Delhi Police creatively delivers a road safety message to riders through a social media post titled 'how to do a wheelie.'

Reported by: Navya Dubey
Delhi Police shared a funny message about not doing dangerous stunts on the road. | Image:X

"Keep the rubber side down and the safety vibes up," written by Delhi Police in a recent Instagram post, using their usual mix of memes and catchy one-liners to share a vital road safety message. The advisory urges riders to avoid performing stunts on the roads for their safety and the safety of others. 

In their Instagram post shared on January 17, Delhi Police emphasizes, "Keep the rubber side down and the safety vibes up. Safety is the ultimate accessory for every rider." The accompanying screenshot humorously depicts a Google search for "How to do a wheelie?" with the search result suggesting, "Did you mean: How to land up in hospital." 


Watch the post here: 

The post has garnered over 4,000 likes and numerous comments, with one individual stating, "Modern problems require modern solutions," and another calling it an "epic one." A third commenter advises, "Don’t do stunts on public roads, do it professionally in empty areas, and always wear gear." A fourth person jokingly asks, "Who is handling this page?" to which a fifth responds, "Exactly. I was searching for that." 

Earlier, Delhi Police shared a video featuring a man attempting a stunt on a two-wheeler, lifting the front tire of his bike. However, he loses balance and falls on the road, accompanied by the warning, "Zindagi me aage jao, par is tarah bilkul nahi [Move ahead in life, but not in this way]!" The Delhi Police continue to use their social media presence creatively to promote road safety. 




Published January 18th, 2024 at 16:33 IST