Updated March 16th, 2024 at 19:56 IST

School Teacher Dances on 'Kajra Re' in Classroom Video Goes Viral | WATCH

The viral video shows a young teacher dancing to a famous Bollywood song called "Kajra Re" from a movie.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
Teacher dances to "Kajra Re" in classroom. | Image:X

Viral: In the viral video, a young teacher dances to a famous Bollywood song called "Kajra Re" from a movie and the video getting mixed reactions online. 

The students appeared joyful and cheered for their teacher. During the dance, a student handed the teacher a red scarf, which she uses in her performance. It seems that the teacher danced to celebrate her birthday, as indicated by the message on the blackboard behind her, which reads, "Happy birthday, Rashmi ma'am." 


Watch the video here:  

This video, which was posted on X (formerly Twitter) recently, received 300 likes and millions of views.  

People on the internet had different opinions about the viral video. Some said it was not right to dance in a classroom, especially to a song like ‘item song’. But others thought that the dance was harmless, and people should be more open-minded. 


An X user wrote, “In any sane country this would have resulted in automatic firing of the teacher but not in ours. We are not a serious country.” 

“Some people just can’t see others being happy and doing what they want to. Everyone should live in character at all times in life. Just because she’s a teacher she’s not entitled to dance? It’s not like it’s raunchy or provocative. Girls here are judged for everything they do.” another commented.  


In her response to the netizens, she wrote, “I am a strict teacher while teaching but also enjoy being with students. It was the time when an annual gathering happened in school. We believe apart from studies, extra curricular activities make students overall performers. The video was requested by students and was taken with consent. Our passion for dance and art could be seen from the video.” 






Published March 16th, 2024 at 19:56 IST