Updated January 23rd, 2024 at 19:51 IST

Shocking: Pune Regional Transport Officer Takes Action Against Illegal Driving Schools

There are about 900 unauthorized driving schools operating in the city, particularly in the suburbs, as mentioned in the complaint.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
As per the RTO authorities, only 450 of them are legitimate, lawful, and have received official accreditation. | Image:X

The Pune Regional Transport Officer (RTO) has recently taken decisive action against the proliferation of illegal driving schools in the city, spurred by a directive from the State Transport Department. The move comes in response to numerous complaints received by the state transport ministry regarding the operations of these unauthorized driving schools, with a staggering count of approximately 900 such establishments, particularly in the suburbs. 

State Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimanwar issued a firm order in light of these findings, expressing concern over the use of unregistered vehicles for driving school training. The directive emphasized the need for a comprehensive crackdown on illegal driving schools across all districts, calling for strict action and the submission of compliance reports to the transport department. 


In response to these developments, Pune RTO Sanjeev Bhor confirmed that, in adherence to the transport department's instructions, the RTO has initiated actions against the illegal driving schools. To enforce this initiative effectively, a special squad has been formed to address the issue and ensure compliance with regulations. 

Mahek Suryavanshi, who runs an approved driving school, shared thoughts on the situation, pointing out big differences between legal and illegal driving schools. She said that licensed schools follow all the rules from the RTO, using special cars for training. On the other hand, illegal schools are blamed for not following rules, charging low fees, and risking people's safety with poor training. The actions taken by Pune RTO show their dedication to fixing these problems and keeping safety standards high for driver training in the city. 


Published January 23rd, 2024 at 19:51 IST