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Success Story: Ghaziabad girl revealed why she opted for Civil Service over Medical field

Apala Mishra is from Ghaziabad. Her brother is a Major in the Army, while her father is a retired Colonel.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
IFS Apala Mishra Success Story | Image:Instagram

Success Story: The UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) is a matter of life and death for many candidates, despite the fact that it may appear to be merely a career decision. Several candidates gave up high corporate positions and bright futures as engineers and doctors in order to pursue their aspirations of becoming an IAS, IPS, or IFS. The life of IFS Apala Mishra, a medical practitioner, is one such inspirational tale. 

Family Full of Army Men

Apala is from Ghaziabad. Her brother is a Major in the Army, while her father is a retired Colonel. Apala reportedly did exceptionally well academically and prioritized her studies from the time she was in school. Following her intermediate education, she enrolled in an Army College to pursue a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). She promptly started preparing for the UPSC after finishing her schooling, though, because she has always been determined to work as a government servant.

UPSC: Two Failed Attempts

On her first try in 2018, Apala failed the preliminary exam. But rather than letting that get to her, she kept going about getting ready and tried again in 2019. She had not have a nice year, unfortunately, even this one. Apala remained determined, though, and she revised her study plan in addition to working extremely hard and studying diligently. She took the UPSC exam for the third time in 2020, and with a remarkable AIR-9, she cracked the exam.

She scored a new record with an amazing 215 out of 275 marks, according to a report. Her commitment and tenacity serve as an inspiration to millions of UPSC aspirants who aspire to work as government officials in the future.


Published January 4th, 2024 at 18:22 IST