Updated January 4th, 2024 at 00:03 IST

Unexpected bill shocks dinner guest: Woman charged after attending friend's dinner party

Dinner guest shocked after bringing a gift and later billed £13.70; Reddit community criticizes hosts' retroactive financial request.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Woman charged after attending friend's dinner party | Image:Unsplash

In a bizarre turn of events, a Reddit user from the United Kingdom, known as Kfcdeliveryguy12234, recently shared an unusual dining experience where they were unexpectedly billed £13.70 (or Rs. 1245.15) after attending a friend's dinner party. The incident occurred after the guest brought chocolates as a goodwill gesture, thinking it was an appropriate token for the hosts.

Narrating the story, the perplexed guest explained, "It was through a mutual friend, so I had not met or knew the hosts. Anyway, I gave them chocolate as a gesture of goodwill since they were hosting (cost Rs. 1090). I believe that was the right thing, either that or wine. But anyway, today I got asked to pay Rs. 1245.15. I am confused."


Initially hesitant about attending, the Reddit user was assured by the mutual friend that they were welcome, emphasizing that the hosts had already purchased the food. The guest, however, expressed surprise at being asked to contribute financially after the event, claiming they were not made aware of such an arrangement.

Seeking clarity, the anonymous poster mentioned, "for context," that they were unsure if the three additional dinner guests were also charged, raising questions about whether the decision to split the cost was made retroactively.


The Reddit community quickly rallied in support of the baffled guest, criticizing the hosts for their seemingly poor etiquette. One user commented, "That's so rude. If there's an expectation that people are going to chip in financially, then that needs to be clear ahead of time." Another user chimed in, saying, "Definitely not okay to retroactively impose conditions on your attendance."

The incident adds to a growing trend of dinner guests being unexpectedly billed for attending social gatherings, highlighting the importance of transparent communication about financial expectations before such events.




Published January 4th, 2024 at 00:03 IST