Updated March 15th, 2024 at 13:39 IST

Viral Post: X User Reunited With His Lost iPhone After Thief Traded It For Pav Bhaji

Man loses his phone while drunk, thief tries to barter it for food, but a kind shop owner returns it. Social media fascinated.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
X User Reunited With His Lost iPhone After Thief Traded It For Pav Bhaji | Image:Freepik

A viral post on X became a point of discussion when a story of a stolen iPhone was posted on X. And after that the users started talking about the priorities of man. The story unfolds as X user @KartikeyaRai11 shared how he lost the phone for 36 hours and got it back from a pav bhaji shop. The X post unfolds how Kartik lost his phone to a thief who found it in a stall.

He wrote in his post, “A drunk dude pickpocketed my phone in goa (I was equally drunk) The drunk dude then got very hungry and went to eat bhaji pao in a small shop but he had no money to pay for it so he took out the red iPhone and tried to trade that for the bhaji pao,the owner took the phone from the thief and charged it and picked up our call after 36 hours of phone being lost and switched off.And he was sweet enough to give it back to us(we had to drive 60 kms to a random location outside the Goa city).”


This incident left people on the social media platform laughing and figuring out all the stuff as this story is no less than a bollywood one. According to the post Kartik was with his friend and was drunk when a pickpocket thief who was equally drunk stole his phone. His phone was lost and it was discharged for more than 36 hours. And then the pav bhaji shop owner charged the phone and picked up the call and after that Kartik travelled 60 km to get his phone back.


The post has been shared multiple times and has got more than 65,000 views. People in the comments called him lucky.

A user wrote, “Now that's a story for the grandchildren.”


“im sorry i was very hungry,” said an another one.

A third one said, “oh the pao bhaji must’ve been THAT good.” 


Published March 15th, 2024 at 13:39 IST