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Viral: 10-Year-Old Boy Nearly Lost His Right Leg After A Deadly Shark Attack In Bahamas

Viral: When the incident happened, the boy was in the water with a dive instructor and dive guide, who responded right away to give him medical assistance.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Shark Attack Bahamas | Image:X

Bahamas Shark Attack: A horrific new footage of the shark attack in the Bahamas captures the seconds just after the child almost lost his leg to the shark as the water in the tank turned a hazy red color. Unbelievably, TMZ has obtained footage that shows the moments immediately following the 10-year-old victim's desperate swim to the top of the tank as his father bravely dove into the water to assist him in reaching a ladder. 

Bahamas Resort Nightmare 

During an attack at a Bahamas resort, a 10-year-old American boy nearly had his leg amputated by a shark. The horrifying moments the youngster was attacked are captured in newly discovered video footage from the incident. During a "Walking with the Sharks" tour, the kid was involved in an incident at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort on January 15. According to the recently released video, a shark bit the boy's leg out of the blue, and the blood immediately caused the water in the shark tank to turn red.

Sharks Kept Circling Around

Two of the reef sharks in the tank were aggressively swimming about the ten-year-old, according to TMZ, which cited witnesses to indicate that the child had gotten in with the staff. The boy lost his footing and had to straddle the enormous fish when one of the two sharks suddenly swooped through his legs. The 10-year-old's right leg was attacked by the shark when it twisted around at this moment. In complete distress, the youngster could be seen swimming to the surface in the video, while the sharks kept circling about him.

Airlifted Back Home

When the incident happened, the boy was in the water with a dive instructor and dive guide, who responded right away to give him medical assistance before sending him to the hospital. It is said that the boy is in "stable" health. Officials told media that the 10-year-old child from Maryland, US, was later airlifted back home. 

Sharks are exceptionally smart creatures. They can behave differently toward humans depending on the circumstance and the individual. Sharks, being the top predators in the wild, consume a wide range of food items, such as fish, seals, and even other sharks. Their predatory behavior is essential to the balance of marine ecosystems and to their own existence. Although sharks may exhibit curiosity when interacting with humans, it's important to keep in mind that they are still wild animals and should be treated with respect and care.


Published January 29th, 2024 at 14:18 IST