Updated April 14th, 2024 at 10:48 IST

Viral Video: Giant Handmade Charsadda Chappal Amazes Internet Users, Netizens React

Giant handmade Charsadda chappal stuns the internet with viral video; viewers amazed by size and craftsmanship, sparking humorous reactions.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Giant Handmade Charsadda Chappal Amazes Internet Users, Netizens React | Image:Instagram: royalcityfabrics

Footwear is one of those things that excites everyone. And in recent times, footwear has gone from having limited options to having unlimited options. You may have seen brogues, sneakers, loafers, flip-flops, and others. These days, oversized clothes are becoming a new fashion trend, but have you ever seen oversized footwear and more of a kid's size of kid? And this is real. 

A viral video is making the rounds on the internet in which a shopkeeper is showcasing a gigantic piece of footwear. This video has left everyone confused and curious about this footwear. Moreover, the users were amazed to know that this huge piece is completely hand-stitched. In this viral video, the shopkeeper also tosses the footwear in his hands, and it was tough for him to handle. The video was shared on Instagram with the caption, “Handmade chappal.”


The shopkeeper described the footwear and said, “We have the Charsadda Chappal in our store, special for all the customers. Whoever wants to buy it, please come and get it; it comes with amazing stitching quality. Those who want to buy it, please come to the store.”

Check Out The Viral Video:

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed by more than 2 crore users and has 3.6 lakh likes and a million shares. The users looked stunned by this life-sized footwear and shared their reactions in the comments. 

People’s Reactions In The Comments:

One user tagged “The Great Khali” in the comments box, whereas another user wrote, “69 missed calls from Great Khali.”


Another one said, “Bhai sona nahi hai hme pehanna hai. (Brother we don’t want to sleep, we have to wear it.)”

A user said, “Don’t show it to Indian moms.”


“Archaeologists after 3000 years: New species of home sapiens discovered,” said another one. 


Published April 14th, 2024 at 10:48 IST