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Viral: Speeding Car Knocks Down Little Girl Who Suddenly Runs Into The street | WATCH

Viral: This heart-stopping event between a little child and car driver Muhammad Danish happened on a street in Brunswick East, Melbourne.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Car Hits A Little Girl | Image:X

Viral: Car crashes claim lives and cause fatal injuries on a daily basis. These incidents are almost always the result of someone else's negligence. At the top of the list are drivers who are intoxicated, distracted, or who don't drive carefully enough. But in this specific video, the answer to the question of who is at fault in an accident might not always be clear-cut. It's not always the case that drivers who cause car accidents are at fault. An accident like this might occur for a number of different reasons.  

Heart-Stopping Incident

This heart-stopping event between a little child and car driver Muhammad Danish happened on a street in Brunswick East, Melbourne. Danish was traveling down a tight street at 40 km/h (24.8 mph) when all of a sudden a small child unexpectedly ran out in front of his vehicle. Danish braked hard, but even so, he couldn't help but knock her to the ground. The girl's father, filled with anger, slammed his fist on the car's bonnet before going to his daughter.

Outcome Of The Accident

Thankfully, the event did not cause any significant injuries to the young child. The driver, Muhammad Danish, spoke up about the event. Following the video goes viral, he thanked the internet users who stood by him. Danish said that the dashcam footage, which amply demonstrated the accident's circumstances, was the only evidence supporting his innocence. He mentioned that if it weren't for the video, he could have faced charges based on the statements of witnesses. Danish also talked about his emotional battle after the incident, saying he was troubled by what had happened and found it difficult to deal with the reliving of the almost disastrous moment in his mind. 


Whose Fault?

When ‘BoreCure’ uploaded the one-year-old video to the microblogging site "X," with the caption, "Little girl runs into the street without looking," people began to argue over who was more at fault. It appeared that the little girl and the car driver were both somewhat to blame. This generated a flurry of opinions. A user accused the driver, "She shouldn’t have ran out in the road true enough but I have a hard time believing that the speed limit was 40mph on that narrow road through a residential neighborhood. So he was speeding. Both were wrong." A different user wrote, "Parent your kid next time then don’t get mad at him for doing his daily routine." 


For everyone, accidents are terrible news. A whole family may be impacted. Above all, there is a risk of injury or death for drivers and other road users. Although a lot of individuals can really cause accidents, they can also drastically reduce the amount of accidents by changing the way they operate and think.


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