Updated February 13th, 2024 at 19:05 IST

Viral Video: Man Makes Coffee Maggi at Street Stall-Watch

The viral Instagram video of a street vendor making Maggi noodles using milk, coffee powder, and turmeric instead of water.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
In the viral video street vendor making coffee Maggi. | Image:X

When we get hungry and want something quick to eat, many of us reach for a packet of Maggi noodles. It's an easy snack that doesn't take much effort to make. But because Maggi is so popular, people often try strange ways to cook it.   

A video went viral on Instagram showcasing a street vendor preparing Maggi noodles not with water but with milk.   


He adds chopped tomatoes, capsicum, onions, Maggi masala, and coffee powder to the concoction, along with an unexpected addition of turmeric powder. Once the dish has absorbed the milk completely and the noodles are thoroughly cooked, he serves it to the customer. However, he appears confused enough to taste it himself initially.

In the viral video,  the customer requests that the vendor sample it first, stating that if no adverse effects occur, he will try it as well.   


At the end of the clip, the customer tastes it and expresses enjoyment, stating, “Bhai damdaar hai. Shabd nahi rahe.” 

watch the viral video here: 


However, many people on the internet didn't like the dish but the video crossed over one million views on social media. Some joked that mixing Maggi with coffee was just because someone couldn't buy both Maggi and cold coffee separately.   


One wrote, “When you can't afford both Maggi and cold coffee together, just mix them because mummy ne paise sirf Maggi ke diye the.”. One user commented, “Maggi ko hi kyun hamesha bali chadate hai?” Another wrote, “Hamesha Maggi ke saath hi aise experiments kyun hote hai?” “Chini reh gayi,” commented another person.  


Published February 13th, 2024 at 19:05 IST