Updated March 23rd, 2024 at 11:31 IST

Viral Video: Street Vendor's Lightning-Fast Chip-Making Skills Took the Internet By Storm!

A viral video captures lightning-fast workers crafting crispy potato chips, earning praise for speed and precision. Street food perfection!

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Viral Video Showcases Street Vendor's Lightning-Fast Chip-Making Skills | Image:Instagram: rajiv_choudhary_vlogs

A viral video of a worker making fried potato chips is making the rounds on the internet. And it is getting a lot of attention from social media users. The thing that fascinated the users was the speed of this worker, who made the chips quickly. 

The precision and speed of the worker made the video viral. 


This viral video was shared by an Instagram user, @rajiv_choudhary_vlogs, and soon got 50 lakh views with more than 1.40 lakh likes on the video. The video starts with the worker taking out a chunk of potatoes from a bucket and then transferring them into a washer. The worker also put water in that washer and ensured a thorough cleaning process for the potatoes. After this, he transfers them back to a clean bucket and takes them for frying.

Watch The Video:

A large wok with heating oil was already prepared, and the worker started grating the potatoes directly into the wok. He took 3–4 potatoes in one go and grated them with speed. As he finished grating all of the potatoes in the oil, soon they started getting crispy, and he took them out of that wok. 


After taking them out, he started sprinkling the masala on them by tossing them. People in the comment section were amazed by the speed of the worker, and the comment section was filled with these kinds of replies.

One user said, “I like hard-working people. God bless your hustle.” 


Another user wrote, “ Appreciate his speed of making chips.” 

A third one said, “The only street food I endorse.” 


Published March 23rd, 2024 at 11:31 IST