Updated January 4th, 2024 at 23:51 IST

Viral: Woman makes 'house agreement' to control kids' phone use, Zomato reacts

Woman creates 'house agreement' to limit kids' phone use, gains internet praise. Some suggest missing details.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Woman makes 'house agreement' to control kids' phone use | Image:X: clownlamba

Parents often try different things to get their kids to use screens less, like taking away their phones or limiting internet time. Following this trend, an aunt, called 'maasi,' made an agreement for the kids in her house to cut down on phone use. The agreement had simple rules like 'no phones in the toilets' and 'no screen time right after waking up.' It also said the kids couldn't use their phones at the dining table. The aunt, Manju maasi, even got all the kids to sign the agreement. The post was shared on a social media platform called X (used to be Twitter) by the account 'clownlamba' with the caption, 'My Maasi made everyone in the house sign this agreement.'

The post got a lot of attention, with many people praising 'Manju maasi' for her clever idea. Some made funny comments about the challenges the kids might face. Others mentioned that while they liked the idea, the agreement missed some basic details. The post was shared yesterday and got 392K views.

In the comments, people shared their thoughts. One person said, 'There is one mistake in the agreement. The Agreement doesn't mention the Date.


Zomato also replied to this post as, “mujhe kyu toda.”

So without the date, this agreement doesn't count. Also, it's not legally valid because it doesn't say who will enforce the punishments.' Another person commented, 'Manju aunty after making the new house rules.' Someone else said, 'Manju Aunty is giving off a strict energy.' Another person joked, 'Manju aunty's kids must be upset after hearing the new house rules.'


Published January 4th, 2024 at 23:51 IST