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World Turtle Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, And All You Need To Know

World Turtle Day 2024 raises awareness on May 23 about turtles and tortoises, highlighting their differences and ecological importance.

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World Turtle Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, And All You Need | Image:Unsplash

World Turtle Day is a special occasion dedicated to raising awareness about the lifestyle and habitat of turtles and tortoises. It also encourages people to understand these creatures better and contribute to their wellbeing. As we gear up to celebrate this significant day, it’s important to highlight a few key aspects of these fascinating reptiles.


Every year, World Turtle Day is observed on May 23 all over the world. This year, World Turtle Day falls on a Thursday.


The American Tortoise Rescue, an organization committed to the wellbeing and rescue of tortoises and turtles, founded World Turtle Day. Since its inception in 2000, the day has served as a platform to educate the public about these creatures. Learning the differences between turtles and tortoises is the first step in understanding them better. This annual observance on May 23 encourages people to come together to support and protect these remarkable animals.


Tortoises and turtles, while often mistaken for one another, have distinct differences and both contribute significantly to the ecosystem. 

Tortoises live on land, while turtles live in water. Tortoises can live up to 300 years, while the lifespan of turtles is 40 years. However, despite the differences, both turtles and tortoises play significant roles in the ecosystem. Turtles feed on dead fish that wash up on the shore while tortoises dig up holes that are inhabited by other creatures.


Why It Matters

World Turtle Day is more than just a celebration; it's a call to action. As habitats are increasingly threatened by human activities, the need to protect and conserve turtles and tortoises becomes ever more critical. Participating in World Turtle Day by educating ourselves and others, supporting conservation efforts, and advocating for stronger environmental protections can make a significant impact.




Published May 22nd, 2024 at 22:28 IST