Updated April 24th, 2024 at 19:52 IST

Bharat Sarkar Announces India's Rise to Third Largest Startup Ecosystem at Startup Mahakumbh

With initiatives like Startup India, govt is not just offering financial assistance but also providing nurturing ecosystem to help these startups flourish.

Reported by: Digital Desk
Bharat Sarkar Announces India's Rise to Third Largest Startup Ecosystem at Startup Mahakumbh | Image:Bharat Sarkar

India has taken a huge leap forward, becoming the third biggest place in the world for startups. More than 125,000 new companies have been created, and 110 of them have grown so big they've become unicorns. This exciting news came straight from Bharat Sarkar at the Startup Mahakumbh event. The government shared how these startups are not just making money; they're creating jobs for over 12 lakh people and have come up with over 12,000 new inventions.

This growth isn't just happening in the big cities but all over India. It's like a new wave where everyone wants to start their own business. Bharat Sarkar is really excited about this, saying that the vibe and energy of the young entrepreneurs at the event showed how India's future is bright with even more big companies on the horizon.
The Indian government plays an important role to full full everyone’s dreams. With initiatives like Startup India, the government is not just offering financial assistance but also providing a nurturing ecosystem to help these emerging startups flourish. This support is tailored to foster innovation and creativity, ensuring that startups have the resources they need to succeed.


In the middle of all this startup excitement, many companies are working alongside the government's vision to support the startup scene, and one such useful business named Egniol has come to attention. They're like a hidden treasure for Indian business owners. Imagine starting a business and finding a company that helps grow, gives advice, and doesn't even ask for a stake in any business in return. Surprisingly, their model is straightforward yet impactful; instead of seeking equity, they simply charge a nominal fee for their comprehensive support for these startups, just like many other companies also ask for fees for their services.

This allows entrepreneurs to maintain full control over their ventures while benefiting from expert guidance. That's Egniol for everyone. They've got a big network and many experts ready to help, ensuring users stay in charge of their dreams.


Egniol is doing something really special by filling a gap that, many didn't even know existed. In a place where business owners often turn to accountants for all sorts of advice, Egniol offers a helping hand in areas like understanding government programs that can help businesses grow, marketing by showing how to get the brand out there and noticed, getting the right certifications, and making sure businesses talk about growth. This is especially meaningful in India, where small business owners don’t usually have the luxury of consulting actual business growth experts. Instead, they rely on their Chartered Accountants (CAs) for advice on business growth. This reliance creates significant gaps in business planning and strategy. While CAs are excellent for managing finances, filing taxes, and understanding financial standings, they might not be the best guides for overall business strategy. Egniol steps in here, providing the missing pieces by offering expertise in key areas essential for business growth and development.

They're kind of like that wise friend who knows all the best moves to make. They guide and help navigate through challenges, and best of all, they do it because they genuinely want to succeed. They're not in it for a share of anyone’s company; they're in it to see Bharat growing.


It's clear that India's startup scene is booming, thanks to the government's support and the unstoppable spirit of its entrepreneurs. And with companies like Egniol in the mix, providing that extra bit of guidance, support, and awareness, India's startups are not just dreaming big; they're making those dreams a reality. This is just the beginning, and the future looks even brighter for India's startup ecosystem. Reflecting on this growth, Bharat Sarkar's belief in "Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas" (Together, for everyone's growth, with everyone's trust) shines through, emphasising a collective advancement where every startup's success contributes to the nation's progress. This vision fosters a unified journey towards achieving greater heights, making it an inspiring conclusion to India's vibrant startup narrative.



Published April 24th, 2024 at 19:52 IST