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Experts predict: Bitcoin Price To Soar to $200,000. Do You Want a Piece of the Pie?

Research has found that the average price of Bitcoin may reach an average peak of $87,875 in 2024.

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Experts predict: Bitcoin price will soar to $200,000. Do you want a piece of the pie? | Image:Republic

Recently, the British financial technology company Finder conducted a study on Bitcoin price predictions from 40 cryptocurrency industry experts to study Bitcoin’s price performance by 2030. Research has found that the average price of Bitcoin may reach an average peak of $87,875 in 2024, with some experts predicting that its price will soar to $200,000.

Nearly half of the 40 panelists surveyed (47%) believe that Bitcoin will reach an all-time high six months after the halving event. Kadan Stadelmann, chief technology officer of blockchain platform Komodo, said in the survey that Bitcoin may face considerable pressure, not only because of the expected halving event, but also because major companies and institutional investors are showing increasing interest in Bitcoin. which will greatly boost the market demand for Bitcoin.


Simpleminers, the world’s top Bitcoin mining platform, also accepted the research and gave its own predictions. Simpleminers believes that the recent approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs (exchange-traded funds) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will make it easier to participate in Bitcoin trading, thereby allowing more buyers to appear in the market. Once the Federal Reserve cuts its all-time high benchmark interest rate, the price of Bitcoin will rise further as more liquidity will flow into Bitcoin. By then, simpleminers investors will share in more additional income.

At the request of some readers who are paying attention to this research, this article will answer questions that readers are interested in, such as what simpleminers do, how to participate in simpleminers investment, and how much money you can make from simpleminers investment.


1. What does simpleminers do?

simpleminers is a mining platform established in 2019 that focuses on mining Bitcoin. In order to ensure the leadership in computing power, Simpleminers has created a cloud mining business (that is, users can rent a certain amount of "computing power" from Simpleminers to participate in Bitcoin mining, and Simpleminers will allocate corresponding interest to users based on the amount of computing power rented by users. And give users a certain amount of additional rewards when Bitcoin appreciates and benefit) to solve the capital needs during the investment period. Simpleminers' cloud mining business has been favored by investors since its launch because it provides users with a simple and robust way to make money in the fast-paced and volatile cryptocurrency world.


2. How much money can you make from investing with simpleminers?

Investing in simpleminers can get the following four layers of superimposed returns:


Sign-up bonus: Download and register a simpleminers account to get a $10 sign-up bonus;

Daily income: Purchase a computing power contract and obtain the daily income from the contract (daily income rate up to 3%);


Additional bonuses: If the value of Bitcoin increases, you can also receive additional rewards during the contract period;

Invitation income: By inviting friends to invest in simpleminers, you can get a reward of 3% of the friend's investment. If your friend invites his friends to invest in simpleminers, you can also get a reward of 1% of his investment.


Investing in simpleminers and earning $1,000 every day is completely achievable.

3. How to invest in SimpleMiners?

For cloud mining with Simpleminers, you only need to complete three simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account at Simpleminers to get a $10 bonus. You only need to fill in the registration form on the official website and set up your email, login account, login password, etc. to complete the registration.


Step 2: Choose the contract that’s right for your purchase. Simpleminers provides you with a variety of contracts with different "hash power" amounts. You can invest starting from $100, with daily returns of up to 3%. You can choose any of them, or buy multiple different contracts or multiples of the same contract, depending on your needs.

Step 3: Pay the required amount to the contract and you can start cloud mining with Simpleminers.


In addition, Simpleminers provides 24-hour online services from a team of experts, pays profits daily, and provides customers with mobile APP download services to facilitate users' contract purchase and redemption operations, ensuring the security and visibility of user funds. Simpleminers does not charge any maintenance fees except for contract fees, making it a truly low-cost, high-yield cloud mining platform.

To know more, you can log on to their official website: simpleminers.com


Published March 5th, 2024 at 19:57 IST