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Founders/CEOs’ cutting edge Mantra to Success in 2024

The mission is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed.

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Founders/CEOs’ cutting edge Mantra to Success in 2024. | Image:Republic

Leadership mantras lead you to new horizons and help you achieve the impossible. Here are leaders and their mantra to enlighten, inspire the people across the globe.

1. Arun Antony, Founder, YE Stack

Mr. Arun Antony shares “As we enter 2024, amidst shifting economic cycles and business recalibration, embracing the fundamentals becomes imperative for entities ranging from startups to corporations. The backdrop of a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, the transformative wave of AI, and the dynamic shifts in investor and consumer preferences are poised to profoundly impact businesses of all sizes. Success in this dynamic environment hinges on the ability to adapt swiftly and pivotal mantra emerges; the art of collaboration with the right partners possessing precise skills and capabilities. In such fast-changing environments, acquiring diverse skills swiftly proves challenging. Companies forging alliances with complementary partners are bestowed with a competitive edge and those  that get it right will be the winners of tomorrow!”

At YE Stack, they believe that entrepreneurship is not just a career path but a way of life. YE Stack are a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for building the future, one idea at a time. The mission is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed.


2. Sanjeev Sengal, founder and MD at Sparsh

Sanjeev Sengal, founder and MD at Sparsh, Mr. Sengal shares “We are fervently dedicated to the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat, striving to elevate our domestic value addition from the current 70% to an impressive 80%. Our commitment extends to innovation, as we actively pursue diverse use cases across industries, aiming to enhance their operational efficiency. My mantra of success is Be ready for future , stay eager to learn and act on time.”


An innovator and entrepreneur by nature, he holds Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics with more than three decades of experience in Electronics Manufacturing and Security Solutions.Team-work & passion for work, being his core mantra, he has an insight and an innate business acumen that he has nurtured and refined into an art over the years. He builds upon his vast knowledge and understanding of the evolving trends in Security and Surveillance Industry to help SPARSH explore, innovate and create domain-defining products.

3. Melissa Ravi, Co-founder and COO, Wildr

Melissa Ravi, co-founder and COO of the toxicity-free social media app Wildr, shares her mantra, “As the Co-founder and COO of Wildr, my guiding principle is to redefine the essence of social media, transforming it into a realm where empathy, inclusion, and community are not just buzzwords, but the very pillars of our existence. At Wildr, we're not just building a platform, we're crafting a haven where connections are genuine, interactions are positive, and every user feels empowered to grow and thrive. In this digital age, we're committed to creating a troll-free environment where kindness reigns and every voice is valued without the fear of judgment or cancellation.”

Ms Melissa Ravi, is recognized as a prominent figure among today's influential female executives in the tech industry. With a distinguished background in marketing and growth, Melissa has earned acclaim for her pivotal roles in heading successful multi-million dollar campaigns at major corporates such as PayPal, Zenreach, and Visa Inc., before she co-founded Wildr.


4. Dr. Sujit Paul - Group CEO - Zota Healthcare Ltd.

Dr. Sujit Paul, leads the domestic and international businesses. Sujit Paul is an industry veteran with many years in senior leadership roles. He carries more than two & half decades of rich experience in setting up, scaling and operating for diverse plethora of brands such as Reliance Pharma Retail, Asian Paints, Bata, Kodak, Apollo Pharmacy, Trust Pharmacy, Columbia Asia Hospital, CAH Clinics and serving multiple national/ international brands consistently. He is an avid reader, author, motivational speaker, coach and mentor, "guiding all towards positive living."


“In 2024, our mantra for success: Expand store presence, offer affordable, quality medicine to niche markets worldwide. With the rise of non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular issues and diabetes on the rise, access to medication is paramount. In India, where more than 50% face affordability challenges, our mission gains urgency. We strive to bridge this gap by nationwide store expansion, ensuring equitable healthcare access for all.”

5. Sriram Natarajan, founder Director and Chief Executive Officer of Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

Sriram Natarajan, a technocrat, is founder Director and Chief Executive Officer of Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd talks about his goals and success mantra “Success comes from dedicated and single minded pursuit of the goal that you have set. For this you must have unshakable confidence in your goal and your ability to achieve it.”

Mr. Natarajan,Mr Sriram’s commitment to disease elimination is unwavering, and he’s constantly working to create better and more timely solutions for detecting a range of diseases (such as, TB, malaria, COVID-19, cervical cancer, or hepatitis). With Molbio’s current platform, Mr Sriram has built an ecosystem that makes healthcare accessible to all levels of the healthcare chain. In 2011, Molbio - then a part of Tulip Diagnostics, transitioned into a joint venture partnering with Chandrashekhar Nair (Bigtec Labs) to achieve the dream of developing the World’s first point-of-care and decentralised Real Time PCR machine (often referred to as


6. Manjul Wadhwa, founder of Anagram Media Labs

Manjul Wadhwa, founder of Anagram Media Labs, has a clear vision for 2024: to redefine success by prioritizing our clients' profitability through strategic innovation. 'In today’s rapidly evolving market, our role transcends beyond service providers; we become catalysts for our clients' success, particularly startups striving for profitability. The key lies in adopting new technologies, including AI, to drastically lower acquisition costs. This strategic focus not only propels our clients towards profitability but also ensures their sustainable growth. As we help our clients navigate these challenges, our shared success becomes inevitable.' Manjul's approach reflects a deep commitment to leveraging technological innovations for efficient scalability, embodying Anagram's mission in the digital transition era.


Manjul (Mr. Wadhwa) founded Anagram Media Labs, where he currently serves as the Managing Director, in March 2020 after realising that digital transition would become a must for a company’s existence. What seconded the idea was the belief that every company will have to become a marketing company to serve the customer-centric economy of the 21st century. He is currently trying to bridge all of his experiences together at AML.

7. Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, the Ace investor, Fund Manager and Entrepreneur at SRAM & MRAM group

As the founder of a thriving company, Mr. Hiranandani witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs that come with entrepreneurship. In the dynamic landscape of 2024, it is essential for founders to adapt, innovate, and embrace change to achieve success. Mr. Hiranandani shares
"Success in 2024 lies in embracing change, continuously learning, building a strong team, and staying agile. As a founder, it's not about predicting the future, but rather creating it.”

As a founder he emphasised on the points such as  Embracing Change, Continuous Learning and Growth, Building a Strong Team, Adaptability and Agility.


SRAM & MRAM is a UK based international conglomerate with 8 global alliances, 10 companies spread across 35+ locations.The company's footprints are spread across multifarious services, business verticals, and operations with its core business being Fund Management, FOREX Management.

8. Ashwini Seth, Founder of Dennison

Ashwini Seth is a second-generation entrepreneur of a family business that was founded by his father Mr. Rajendra Seth. Dennison is a GenZ and GenX preferred brand. Ashwini shares his vision and mantra of success "Embrace innovation, prioritize sustainability, and never compromise on creativity. In 2024, success lies in leading with purpose, driving positive change, and inspiring others to join the journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future." Says Ashwini Seth, CEO and Founder of Dennison India. Since 2014, Ashwini has been running Dennison as a millennial preferred formal and casual menswear brand. Working alongside his team, he is constantly working on ways to understand the customer's needs and innovate accordingly. As a bubbling entrepreneur, Ashwini is full of ideas and gives great importance to ‘customer connectivity’.


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