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How to Make This Father’s Day Special for Expat Dad

Here are a few ways to bridge the distance and give him tears of joy!

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How to Make This Father’s Day Special for Expat Dad | Image:Open Source

The tradition of celebrating Father’s Day has been cherished since 1910. All these years, this day has allowed us to celebrate our superhero who is always there to have our back. Every father is a source of immense love, guidance, support and whatnot! However, if you have an expat dad living miles away, then this special day's significance takes on a deeper meaning for both of you because, despite the distance, the bond between a father and a child does not diminish. It rather gets stronger with their extra efforts and the resilience of their connection.

So, maintaining the same love and affection, mark Father’s Day super special for your expat dad. Make special gestures for him ensuring he does not feel alone or ‘Not Home’. Tell him how much you love him and make sure he feels cherished and celebrated on his special day as if he was with you! To narrow down this beautiful thought of making him feel extraordinary, here are a few ways to bridge the distance and give him tears of joy!


Kick Start His Day with a Blooming Surprise

Waking up to beautiful flowers is something that can brighten anyone’s day. Send your dad a bouquet of his favourite flowers that screams “Dad, you are awesome” on your behalf. Your chosen colourful petals will be like a cheerful hug from afar, reminding him that he is always on your mind!


Make the Most Out of the Virtual World

  • Plan a Virtual Breakfast: After a beautiful floral surprise, ask him to join you for a virtual breakfast. Share stories or crack jokes with him while both of you relish your favourite meals. This shared experience will create a sense of closeness making the day all the more memorable and special.
  • Enjoy Online Games: With a full stomach, Keep the fun going and play interactive online games with him. Whether he loves board games like chess or car racing, playing his favourite game will be your little way of making him realise that even if we are miles apart, we can still make unforgettable memories.

Send a Midday Surprise Gift

  • Midday Gift Delivery: Now, after giving such a wonderful head start to his day, let the surprises keep coming with a thoughtful gift in the midday. Consider giving him a personalized gift like a photo frame, mug or cushion, designed with a perfect picture of the two of you or with an ‘I Love You, Dad’ quote, this gift will show that you’ve put extra thought and effort into making his day special. Additionally, if you are interested in exploring more gift options, click here.

Plan an Evening Celebration with a Cake & Additional Gifts

No celebration is complete without a cake and Father’s Day is no different. Place an order in advance for his favourite flavour, plan a virtual cake-cutting ceremony and enjoy the valuable moments with him. Also, add other family members for a joyous celebration!


Wait, there is more! For the remarkable dad that he is, send additional gifts along with the cake, especially those that resonate with his choices and preferences. You can also gift him something he has been eyeing for a long time. This sweet gesture will show him how much you care for him and add an extra sprinkle to the Father’s Day celebration. Also, it will be fun watching him unwrap every gift or he might say "This was the Best Father’s Day ever” while satiating his taste buds with a second slice of the cake!

Practical Tips for a Seamless Celebration

  • Testing Technology in Advance to Avoid any Glitches: To ensure that all your virtual activities go smoothly, you must test the technology beforehand. Check whether your video call platform is working well or not. Ensure everyone else in the family is comfortable using their gadgets to connect. This will let you plan a seamless celebration.
  • Coordinating Across Time Zones: Before connecting with your dad, you must finalise a time that is suitable for him and everyone in the family as well. You can probably consider setting reminders for the whole day so everything is organised according to his schedule.

Engaging All Family Members

To make your dad feel at home, encourage everyone in the family to participate. Plan activities that everyone can enjoy and make those moments memorable for years to come. This little family time will give you all a very light-hearted and fun celebration making your dad feel loved and connected with the whole family.

So, there are various ways in which you can make this Father’s Day special for your expat dad. From surprise gift deliveries and virtual meals to cutting a cake virtually, these ideas will help you bridge the distance and make him feel closer to you and the whole family. Go ahead, and let him know how important he is, let him know that he is always in your mind and heart no matter the distance. Happy Father’s Day!


Published June 6th, 2024 at 22:46 IST