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India to the World: CouponzGuru's International Expansion Journey

CouponzGuru’s remarkable journey began in 2011, rooted in the visionary mind of its founder Mr. Vikash Khetan, then a professional in the IT industry.

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CouponzGuru's International Expansion Journey | Image:others

Today online shopping has become more than just a convenience but a necessity. The demand for cost-effective solutions has never been greater. This is where platforms that offer discounts on every purchase come into play. A similar platform CouponzGuru, an Indian startup has made a significant mark by being a cost-effective option for online shopping. 

From its humble beginnings in India, CouponzGuru has embarked on an ambitious journey of international expansion, becoming a global name in online deals and discounts. The company was started on 26th April 2011. Today the annual turnover of the company is 10 million which is remarkable. 


Read the entire piece that traces CouponzGuru’s journey from its roots in India to its spread across the globe. 

About the Founder

CouponzGuru’s remarkable journey began in 2011, rooted in the visionary mind of its founder Mr. Vikash Khetan, then a professional in the IT industry. The spark of entrepreneurship was ignited by a personal experience. He was trying to book a flight when he was taken aback by the exorbitant prices he encountered online. While he was looking for more affordable options online, he established that the resources scarce and unorganized. 

With all of this, CouponzGuru was born with just a mere investment of Rs. 25,000 to revolutionize the Indian online shopping experience. The platform transformed how consumers approached e-commerce and online savings and it was all possible because of the foresight and determination of its founder Mr. Vikash Khetan. Currently, the platform works with 3000+ brands making it a hit for all online shoppers. 


How it started 

The journey began in India, a market which is characterized by its vast diversity and rapid digital adoption. The company was established keeping in mind the growing need for an accessible platform offering comprehensive deals and discounts. CouponzGuru soon became a household name among Indian consumers. 


The platform took advantage of the rapidly growing online shopping market and the growing trend of Indian shoppers looking for online discounts and established a strong presence in the market. 

The Initial Strategy

Talking about the initial strategy of the platform- simple yet effective which was partnering with a wide array of e-commerce entities, ranging from retail giants to niche online services. CouponzGuru is a user-friendly platform where consumers can easily find and use coupons to save money on their online purchases. 

The approach used by the platform not only benefitted consumers but also provided an avenue for e-commerce sites to attract more customers, therefore creating a win-win situation. 


CouponzGuru’s Success in India

Below are all the things that the platform did that led to its success:


Understanding local consumer behavior

Relevant and diverse deals


User-friendly platform

Strategic partnerships


Localized marketing strategies

Adaptation to market dynamics


Building trust

Expanding range and services


The top stores from India include Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Swiggy, Croma, Giva, and more. 

The Leap Overseas

Encouraged by its success in India, CouponzGuru began to look beyond the national borders. The first step was to identify markets with similar dynamics to India, where this business model could strive more. The first and best option for the same was Singapore which represents a significant market for e-commerce business. 

Post its success in Singapore, CouponzGuru expanded to different parts of the world as well including Malaysia, UAE, the USA, and Philippines. To replicate their success, CouponzGuru had to adapt and localize their offerings. This means catering to the local consumer’s shopping habits and preferences. 


Some of the top stores include Noon, Zalora, Samsung, and more. 

Overcoming Challenges

This journey came with its own set of hurdles as each new market brought its challenges. They included regulatory hurdles to intense competition from local and established global players. One of the key challenges was building brand recognition and trust in these new markets. CouponzGuru invested in marketing campaigns that were culturally relevant and engaged with the local communities to build a loyal customer base.

Technological Innovation

What kept the platform going was its continuous investment in technology. The company not only utilized advanced data analytics to understand consumer patterns and preferences but also made sure to curate personalized and attractive deals. Apart from that, the platform’s user experience was constantly refined to ensure ease of use and reliability. 

Overall, CouponzGuru’s international expansion is a story of strategic growth, strength, and adaptability. CouponzGuru has demonstrated the potential of a homegrown Indian business to become a global player in the e-commerce industry. As the platform continues to expand and evolve, they have more plans to expand in other parts of the world too. CouponzGuru is a shining example of how Indian innovation and entrepreneurship can make a global impact. 


Published February 7th, 2024 at 12:25 IST