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Journey Beyond Motherhood: From Bank Clerk To Senior Data Analyst At Capgemini

Her success is not just a personal success but a story that shatters the myth of a career's expiration date. It's a roar of defiance against societal norms that

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Senior Data Analyst At Capgemini | Image:Senior Data Analyst At Capgemini

Visweswari's days were filled with joyful giggles and the lively chaos of tiny hands. For six years, every sunrise brought new joy and love, fully embracing her life as a mother. 

One day, while deeply immersed in playtime with her child, a faint voice in her mind was whispering. As soon as she tried to listen to it, a subtle spark of ambition ignited within Visweswari. The memories of a different version of herself re-surfaced instantly—who expertly handled the customers like a skilled surgeon in an operation theater. Before the whirlwind of motherhood, she had carved a niche for herself as a single window operator at Andhra Bank. The world of data pulsed with an energy that resonated with her. An MCA degree, a testament to her intellectual prowess, hung framed on the wall, a constant reminder of a path less traveled.


As her days were filled with the sizes of diapers and bedtime tales, the tech world underwent a huge transformation. The once-familiar landscape now appeared foreign, with her tools of the trade becoming outdated. She felt doubt silently encircling her heart, its whispers growing louder with each passing day. It said, "Is it too late?" After a six-year career gap, could she find her way back into the rapidly changing technological landscape?

As soon as the doubt entered her, she was not the same contented Visweswari who always had a spring in her gait. Her husband, Pradeep, noticed that she looked lost often. He saw the yearning in her eyes, the frustration battling with the unyielding spirit within. "The world needs your brilliance, Visweswari," he said, his voice laced with conviction. "Don't let societal expectations clip your wings." After his words soothed her anxieties, she reflected on her past experiences and decided to study data science through a good course. After searching, she zeroed in on OdinSchool's Data Science course, which became her launchpad. The initial ascent was daunting. The industry-vetted curriculum looked overwhelming to her. Every time this doubt - "Can I still work or is it too late?"—surfaced in her mind. She read the inspiring success stories of people who overcame different hurdles life threw at them.


The supportive instructors at OdinSchool, like guiding stars in a dark sky, became her beacon of hope. They patiently untangled complex concepts, and their unwavering belief in her was a potent antidote to self-doubt. The live classes, starting from the fundamentals, were a gentle hand on her back, propelling her forward. Every hurdle overcome, every line of code mastered, chipped away the doubt, "Can I still work or is it too late?". The once-hesitant student blossomed into a confident learner, and her presentations were delivered with the poise of a seasoned professional.

OdinSchool's career services became her armour. Mock interviews honed her skills, transforming her anxieties into quiet determination. When the call from Capgemini, a titan in the IT world, arrived, Visweswari was ready. The interview room, once a source of trepidation, became a stage for her to showcase her newfound expertise.


Today, Visweswari stands tall as a Senior Analyst at Capgemini, which is a testament to her resilience and determination. 

Her success is not just a personal success but a story that shatters the myth of a career's expiration date. It's a roar of defiance against societal norms that confine women to a single sphere. 


Published May 20th, 2024 at 16:37 IST