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Karauli Shankar Mahadev Dham Celebrates Chaitra Purnima: Sacred Rituals and Spiritual Enlightenment

Chaitra Purnima holds significant religious and spiritual importance in Hinduism.

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Karauli Shankar Mahadev Dham | Image:Karauli Shankar Mahadev Dham

On the auspicious occasion of Chaitra Purnima, a special ceremony was organized at the Karauli Shankar Mahadev Dham in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Around 2250 devotees participated in the Tantra and Mantra initiation program, seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment. The main aim of the event was to present the scientific facts of Sanatan Dharma to the world and to promote a healthier and happier society.

Every full moon, devotees of the Shri Radharaman sect from both India and abroad gather in Kanpur to celebrate with great enthusiasm. During the Chaitra month's full moon, devotees thronged to the temple, offered prayers for their well-being and prosperity, and eagerly awaited the darshan of their Guru. Before sunset, a purification ceremony called Panchmahabhoot Shuddhi Havan was conducted by the Guru, adding to the spiritual atmosphere.


Chaitra Purnima holds significant religious and spiritual importance in Hinduism. It is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti, and devotees observe the fast of Shri Satyanarayan to fulfill their wishes. Scientifically, it marks the day when the moon is fully visible, aligning with the sun and the earth.

Following the purification rituals, the Guru initiated the devotees into Tantra and Mantra practices, imparting spiritual wisdom and guidance. He emphasized the concept of liberation from sorrow, attachment, and worldly desires for true enlightenment.


The significance of Ganesh Dwara (Gate of Ganesh) in Kundalini awakening was also discussed. According to the Guru, Kundalini awakening begins with the opening of Ganesh Dwara, followed by other spiritual gates. He explained that unless Ganesh Dwara is open, one cannot embark on the journey of Kundalini awakening.

The Guru reiterated that the bond with the divine realm does not restrict individuals but instead liberates them from worldly attachments. He emphasized the importance of a good lineage and the guidance of a Guru in attaining spiritual liberation.


Furthermore, the Guru shared insights into overcoming the cycle of birth and death, highlighting the necessity of a conducive environment and the presence of a Guru. He declared this era as a golden age, with significant events like the birth of Lord Rama, the re-emergence of Lord Shiva in Kashi, and the accessibility of Lord Krishna's birthplace.

Additionally, the Government of Nepal registered the Love Kush Ancestral Salvation Ashram in Kathmandu as an organization, signifying the growing spiritual connections between India and Nepal.


The three-day event concluded with the initiation of thousands of devotees into Tantra and Mantra practices, marking the beginning of their spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Through this program, the Guru not only provided spiritual guidance but also shed light on various spiritual truths, enriching the lives of his disciples.

The Purpose of Human Life:

Completing oneself is the goal of human life. Guruji said that mantra is a means to reach tantra. This is only possible when you have a body-like machine. The goal of understanding oneself or understanding oneself is made, they also need to understand that the conversation does not end here but starts where the talk of Lord Buddha begins. Understanding and explaining to people is the journey path and goal. Only when you fully understand something can you explain it to others, give information, that's perfection. Perfection is being able to understand and explain to others, that's perfection, like Lord Buddha. When Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, in simple language, when he regained consciousness, Lord Buddha said that if I start telling or telling someone what I have understood or experienced, it will be rebellion because people have not seen or heard it, meaning they have not experienced it, and something else is written in the books. After that, the gods told Lord Buddha to give knowledge to those who are standing at the last corner, who will cross the ocean of existence with a little help from you. But Lord Buddha said, "I will keep my knowledge in the same form as I received it." As a result, people of the country forced him to leave the country.

An Amazing Story from Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Life:

Here is an interesting story from Guru Nanak Ji's life that Guruji shared. Once Guru Nanak Ji stayed in a village and was well taken care of, but when he left in the morning, he said, "You all scatter." His devotees were surprised. Then he went to another village where he was disrespected, and there he said, "You stay here." His disciples asked, "Why, Guruji?" Guru Nanak Ji said, "Because these are people of wicked nature and they will spread filth, while good people will spread goodness in the country. Good people will show the right path to others, they will tell how to live." Similarly, Lord Buddha traveled to many countries and today he is worshipped as a god. Just like Lord Ram is worshipped in our country, in many countries Lord Buddha is worshipped.

A Simple Way to Understand the Order of Nature:

Similarly, some people might say how can it be possible for Karauli Shankar Mahadev Dham, a place they have never been to or understood? This is a ready answer for them. When we tell foreigners about it, they ask how it happens, they want to know. Guruji says that those who are already filled with garbage, there is no place for diamonds and gems inside them. Foreigners are curious about the empty vessel, they understand. Similarly, addressing tantric disciples, Guruji says that tantra is the simplest way because tantra initiation means accepting simplicity and simplicity.



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