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Make Your Life Easier with a Meat Box Delivery

The best part about these meat boxes is you can choose from pre-planned ready-to-go boxes.

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Make Your Life Easier with a Meat Box Delivery | Image:The Meat Box

Do you like hosting lunches and dinners for your friends and family? Do you enjoy eating delicious meat? Are you expected to prepare meals every day because your children keep requiring food? If yes, then you should probably start subscribing to a meat box. Meat boxes offer a range of benefits that mean less stress for you. You can handpick ingredients for your next dinner party or BBQ or have a regular selection of cuts delivered on a schedule.

The best part about these meat boxes is you can choose from pre-planned ready-to-go boxes (with the benefit of no thinking required), or you can make your own selections, depending on what you want to prepare and eat. It really is the easiest, no-stress way to shop. But, there are other benefits too.


Meat Boxes Give Consistent High-Quality Meat

In a supermarket or butcher, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to meat. However, guaranteeing top quality meat can be challenging. We’ve all heard of chicken injected with liquid, or ‘meat glue’ being used in steak. With meat box deliveries, you know you’re getting the best quality, unadulterated meat.  


Meat is sourced directly from the farmers, cutting out the middlemen. This not only ensures the farmers get a fair price for their products, but it means the best quality products – a step above your regular supermarket meat.

Ethical Meat – Guaranteed

New Zealand is among the few countries in the world that has such strict animal welfare standards. Here, meat is ethically farmed and cared for in line with these high standards. You know this just by driving past paddocks with happy pasture-fed cows and sheep. Meat delivery companies like The Meat Box can take extra care to procure their meat from farmers that prioritize the well-being of their animals above everything else.

Meats Your Dietary Standards—Halal, Keto, Gluten-Free

Meat boxes often can be held to higher standards for dietary reasons. Halal, Kosher, or even gluten-free meats; these can be assured as the meats are sourced directly from the farmers. So you’ll know your meat isn’t processed in the same factory line as pork, or breadcrumbs, or cheese, or anything else that doesn’t fit with your health or dietary needs.

You Don’t Have to Think (Or Leave the House)

Order the meat box on a quiet Sunday night, it arrives a few days later, and you’re sorted for the week, fortnight, or month. If you’re planning for a family, this allows you to come up with a meal plan, freeze or refrigerate the meat in order of use, and have everything ready to go when you need it.

For dinner parties, you know you’ll have that cut of steak or specific type of pork belly you wanted; no disappointment when going to the supermarket and finding they’re out of lamb rack.


Ordering a meat box is easy. All you need to do is select a box of pre-packed items, or you can make your own customized box by choosing the cuts and types of meat you want. Then, choose the delivery date that suits you the best. Meat boxes are delivered with everything packed in ice, using a priority courier to ensure that the meat reaches you fresh and on the agreed time. Many Meat box companies now also offer a range of other groceries as well. 

The Ultimate in Convenience

The pre-chosen ready-to-go boxes come in a variety of sizes to match every family type. Whether you need a family-sized box, a value-added box, or there’s only two of you, there will be a selection curated for your needs. There are often specialised boxes too, to suit platters, BBQs, Christmas, Sunday roast, or heat and eat for 100% convenience.

Maybe your brain is already filled with a long list of things to do- in which case, ordering a meat, grocery, and vege box allows you to use your brain for other things other than food shopping. Seasonings and condiments, deli items, eggs, cheese, and wine and beer can all be included so you don’t have to do any thinking.


 Large Variety to Choose From

Because they specialise in only this, meat boxes have a variety of cuts to choose from. This means if you’re looking for a specific cut or type of meat, a meat box company will be likely to have it.


You can also specify different portion sizes depending on your requirements so that no meat goes to waste. Whether that’s a large family that needs a big pack or if you’re cooking for one; no problems, it’s packed to your requirements.

Meat Boxes as Gifts

If you know a meat lover, the variety and quality of cuts in a meat box make them an ideal gift.  You can choose from the variety of boxes available, based on the portion, products and even event.  

This is also an ideal gift for a family who is struggling to make ends meet. Meat is often bypassed in times of economic stress. Buying a box of meat items can help beef up their freezer, give more variety for their meals, and help to provide nutritious meals for growing kids. In particular, a grocery box with meat and standard household needs such as potatoes and carrots can really ease the financial load for a family.


Meat Boxes: An Affordable and Easy Way to Make Your Life Easier

By ordering a meat box, you know you’re getting healthy, high quality, convenient meat delivery. You can arrange for a weekly or fortnightly delivery so you don’t ever have to think about meat shopping ever again. You know your family gets great quality meat, healthy and free of any additives, that will create delicious nutritious meals. Although, we can’t guarantee that your kids will eat it (sorry). Book your meat box today, and free up some space in your brain.


Published May 17th, 2024 at 22:21 IST