Updated May 3rd, 2024 at 18:37 IST

PUBG’s Latest Update Brings Major Overhaul to Its Core Gameplay

In that, you are now able to destroy terrain around you with weapons like pickaxes and certain throwables.

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PUBG’s Latest Update Brings Major Overhaul to Its Core Gameplay | Image:PUBG

When games become boring and start to feel repetitive, gamers tend to quit playing. If not, then they start playing it less often. Even regular season updates are not that effective in pulling back fed-up players. However, when that game goes under an overhaul, bringing significant changes to its core gameplay mechanics or overall experience, we see a major spike in returning players.

Speaking of which, PUBG has recently witnessed a major overhaul to its core gameplay. In that, you are now able to destroy terrain around you with weapons like pickaxes and certain throwables. 


So, if you have been skipping the game lately, now is your chance to get back and re-experience PUBG from the ground up. Not only does this update give rise to an all-new gameplay style where you now use the environment for strategic purposes but also introduces a couple of quality-of-life updates.

So forget the traditional PUBG you have come to experience till now. But before you launch the game, make sure to buy PUBG UC coins to give yourself a head start in the game and dive straight into the action.


With that said, let’s now see how effective is the destructible terrain update in PUBG.

When Tencent rolled out its update 29.1 on April 9 for PC players, it was not a surprise that we got the destructible terrain feature as this was already made clear by developers in their 2024 roadmap for the game.


However, despite boasting immense potential, not many players were appeased by the new update. As such, one cannot help but wonder what went wrong; or did actually something go wrong? Let’s see down below. 

Even though everything looks good on paper, there’s more to the destructible terrain update feature of PUBG than what meets the eye. While the inclusion of this much-awaited feature is wholly welcomed, it’s kinda disappointing to see it not being fully implemented. 


For one, the destructible terrain update is only available in one map: Rondo. Secondly, not everything can be destroyed on the PUBG terrain. Specifically, terrain made of concrete, cement, rock, and stone will not be destroyable. Ironic, isn’t it? And that’s not where the irony stops. In addition to very limited terrain destruction elements, you are also limited with weapons that you can use to destroy the terrain around you. As per the developer statement, “The Frag Grenade, Mortar, Panzerfaust, Sticky Bomb, C4, vehicle explosion, and Pickaxe can be used to destroy terrain.”

Let’s picture a scenario. If an enemy is taking cover behind a large rock and you throw a C4 directly at it, nothing will happen to the rocky structure as rocks are supposedly too powerful to be destroyed by tiny C4s, lol.


Nevertheless, this update is not without its silver lining. Even if it is very limited right now, developers have promised to expand this feature with future updates. In their patch notes, they have explicitly made it clear that this update is merely "the first chapter of the environmental destruction feature." Also, there will be “continuous improvements and expansions to follow." 

So, if you ask me, I think developers are proceeding very cautiously with this new feature as it brings core changes to main gameplay mechanics. And it’s understandable. They don’t want to break the game, do they?


Now, as we conclude the article, it’s safe to say PUBG is undergoing a major overhaul. Sooner than later, we will experience this epic battle royale in an all-new way. Once the destructible terrain is fully implemented, PUBG will definitely give a tough time to its rivals, like Fortnite and COD Mobile for instance.


Published April 27th, 2024 at 20:59 IST