SPONSORED CONTENT: After 2 Heart Surgeries, Boy Needs A Third One To Survive

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“Each morning, before going to school, my elder son Rudransh spares a few minutes without fail, to pray for his younger brother,” says Vedansh’s mother, who is struggling to keep her ailing son alive.

11 days into the birth of her younger son, Deepika Gupta’s life was blissful to say the least. “I still remember the day we got Vedansh home. Rudransh spent the entire day, sitting next to his baby brother. But one day, our lives changed forever when Rudransh came rushing to me and informed me that Vedansh couldn’t breathe.”

Vedansh’s family rushed him to the hospital and after several tests, it was revealed that the 11-day-old was suffering from congenital heart disease and needed three surgeries to survive.

“It was almost like life had smacked us in the face and there was no way for us to recover from this shock,” says Deepika, adding that the nagging question in her mind was how they would be able to pay for three surgeries. “I am a homemaker and my husband earns only Rs. 7,000 from his teaching job at a private school. All his savings have now been spent on Vedansh’s surgeries,” she says.

Vedansh got his first surgery when he was 11-months old and the second one in 2016. Despite these, he wasn’t able to recover fully and now requires a third surgery. “We have spent Rs. 4 lakh on his treatment till now and need 4.5 lakh more. We have no money left to spend and hence have started a fundraiser,” says Deepika.

Her son’s health is deteriorating and he needs the surgery urgently. There are days when he sweats profusely and suffers from regular bouts of fever, cough and cold. “Sometimes I have to help him sit up straight on the bed, as he’s too weak to even do that,” adds Deepika.

She goes on to reminisce about Vedansh’s earlier years where he could play for hours without stopping. “It’s hard for us to believe that this is the same Vedansh. His life is hanging by a thread and now only the generosity of the people can save him.”

Vedansh’s family is in desperate need for help. Any contribution from your side can help them save their little one. They have started a fundraiser on Impact Guru.


Disclaimer: This article is written by Social Squared Ventures Inc. Republic TV has published this article on humanitarian considerations after carrying out basic due diligence as to the genuineness of the fund-raising process. An intending donor is requested to visit the fund-raisers website www.impactguru.com, for more clarity and then contribute as per their free will and discretion.