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Woman's body only identity to prove individuality. Asks 'Roar of the Dark' author Aastha Rathod Naad

This book will make you question what actual role of women is. Are they only subjected to being homemakers, sex objects, or what society is turning them into?

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'Roar of the Dark' author Aastha Rathod Naad | Image:Aastha Rathod Naad

A book that is not just a mere story or a novelette but a bleak reality in disguise of sensual narrative and provocative dialogues. ‘Roar of the Dark’, scratches beneath the surface of our subconscious minds, propelling us to think about the actual perception of women we have in the real world vs. what’s been preached since inception. The current world is engaged in glossy debates preaching women empowerment; to be more precise, in India, we are promoting Nari Shakti by empowering and educating women from every nook and cranny of the nation but it actually seems like watering a plant than healing the roots. Women have humongous insecurities and ironies within because they are raised thinking inadequate of themselves. Through this book, ‘Roar of the Dark’, author Aastha Rathod Naad has tried to express women’s insecurities related to their bodies and captured the essence of how the majority of women are educated and compelled to perceive and use their bodies as an asset. She has captured the darker aspects of life witnessed by her till this moment.
Well, this book will make you question what the actual role of women is as regulated by society. Are they only subjected to being homemakers,  sex objects, or what society is turning them into? With the onset of modernization, the world is moving ahead of its time as men contribute their brains, skills and aptitude, but the majority of women are still contributing their physical labour & sexuality as a primary skill and tool. Not only did the orthodox society of past times deplete them, but even the progressive era is leading them towards destruction. Nowadays, girls are not getting inspired by Jhansi Ki Rani, Kalpana Chawla, or Mary Kom, who were known for their audacity, courage, and aptitude, but they love to live the legacy of women who are known for their sexuality and mere beauty. Have you ever wondered why? Because this is where we are lacking as a society, we appreciate the half-naked women on the internet more than the women with some really good skills!  
A beautiful woman is welcomed by in-laws, and those with some scars or dusky skin are subjected to dowry or have to get beauty treatments to match the standards of society. We never teach a man to behave as if he will be a groom someday and he has to keep his most precious possessions for their wives only. Yet, women are taught from the beginning to give their virginity to their husbands, and society has made their intimate areas a proof of purity.  
Aastha has shared her real-life experiences and poured her emotions through words, which demonstrates how in mythology as well, women are defined as objects with a duty to provide pleasure and follow the norms written. Who hasn't heard of the famous Menaka serving the courts of Devas? No, men or any other species on earth have such barriers, so what to conclude with it? Are women an object or a living species?
Endure, serve, and nourish—are these the only duties? A woman’s identity is subjected to her body only, or does she have her individuality beyond flesh? Aastha Rathod Naad has wonderfully tickled those aspects in a provocative yet informative way.

Aastha embarked on her journey with a Hindi feature film ‘M A Pass’, which she produced in year 2016. In 2017 she coproduced a tv show ‘Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahin’ for Zee tv & then went on to coproduce webseries for Zee5, ‘Poison, Bhoot Purva & Bhram starring Kalki Kochlin’.  Her latest in year 2023 was Hindi feature film ‘1920, Horrors Of The Hearts’. 
The producer-turned-author is all set to debut with ‘Roar of the Dark’ in the world of writing. She said this book has been long awaited since 2018, and it consists of some emotional attachments as well. Be it the first step or the first job, first is always special.  
With a zeal to make a film, she started writing the script, but it didn't happen, so she later turned her script into a book, “Roar of the Dark,” as she wanted to reach the masses and share this story. While talking to the media, she said, “Somehow I couldn't make a film out of it, and later I ventured into production. But I always wanted to tell the story I wrote so passionately almost a decade ago. And hence, years later, I decided to bring it into book form. I would like to thank Kapish Mehra & Rupa Publications, who loved my writing and immediately signed a contract regarding the book.”


Published February 29th, 2024 at 21:26 IST