88-year-old Lady From Spain Creates Intricate Paintings Using MS Paint


Despite its simple and easy-to-use interface, the best of the artists severely failed at creating something worthy out of the MS Paint. Here's an 88-year-old lady who creates masterpieces on the primitive software!

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Microsoft Paint brings back some fond nostalgic memories. How many of you remember scribbling with a mouse on the blank white screen, only to see something clueless? Or just playing with the shapes feature to draw concentric circles or rectangles and filling them with colour? Basic stuff. Despite its simple, easy-to-use interface, the best of the artists and painters have failed miserably at creating something worthy out of the MS Paint. Controlling the mouse to draw even a straight line was an uphill task. Forget about a basic landscape. But ...

Here's an 88-year old lady from Europe who creates spectacular masterpieces using MS Paint! Concha García Zaera, a lady hailing from Valencia, Spain creates idyllic landscapes and impressive artwork using the primitive software. Don't believe my words. Oh, you will surely believe your eyes.


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Due to her husband's illness, Ms Zaera couldn't move out very much. Due to which, she took up painting. Everything transformed when her kids brought her a computer, which is when she took up painting on the machine. Starting with basics like a house, she kept adding details to her work every day, resulting in the creation of some wonderful art pieces. Playing with the lights and shadows, her paintings have all the intricacies and details seen in the work of a painter who uses paper. The use of striking colours, the hues and tones and the overall landscape is no less than a marvel!



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Adapting to the technology, the old lady went digital and started painting on the painting software. And she has never looked back since. Her works have been hugely popular across the world. Various exhibitions showcasing her paintings have also been organised. The old lady still does not understand why her work is so popular, saying that they are fairly simple drawings. Long before people started using iPads for their artistic endeavours, this lady was already into the future.

MS Paint was launched along with the first version of the Windows OS. The software has surely come a long way since its launch. Yet, the old-world charm of the original still holds a special place in our hearts. And this lady has proved it - a living proof of what MS Paint is truly capable of!

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