Easy Techniques To Make A DIY Paper Plane At Home And Have Fun


Paper planes are fun toys and very easy to make. Here are two DIY craft ideas to make a paper plane to teach your kids and have fun with them ar home.

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paper plane

Paper planes are fun toys and very easy to make. All it takes is folding a sheet of paper and following a few steps! It is so easy that you can even include your kids and teach them this DIY paper plane technique. Paper planes can be used to decorate homes during Christmas or Easter or any other festival.

How to make a paper plane at home

To make this DIY paper plane, you need plain or coloured paper. Go for a ruler that has a thin edge. A gum stick is a must. Follow the below procedure once you have these materials and with two easy techniques, you would have your own DIY paper plane.

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Technique 1 Dart: Take a piece of paper that is either square or letter-sized and fold it in half lengthwise. While unfolding the paper, you have to fold the two top corners equally towards the centerline. Repeat this process again and now you will fold the triangle thus formed. Remember it will now look pointed and will face you. Now, to make the wings you have to fold down the upper wings, the top edges and the bottom edge and then the body will align perfectly. You can use a little gum to stick the inside of the body so that it stays in place. Your paper plane is ready!

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Technique 2 The Bullnose plane: For this DIY paper plane, bring the top right corner towards the left and fold the paper down till the right corner. After unfolding the paper, repeat this procedure for the left side. By unfolding it again you have to bring the top right corner toward the crease that appeared due to the first fold and repeat the same technique for the left top corner. Now you have to fold the top-right edge and bring it towards the fold that was created in the above step and then repeat the same procedure for the other side too to create layers for subsequent folds. The layers have now been created and you have to fold in a way so that the right and the left layers cross each other. Fold the plane equally in half, in a way that it faces away from you. Then fold the wings a half inch towards the front and almost 2 inches towards the back. Another set of layers will be formed. Use gum to stick the body of the plane so that the shape remains intact, and your paper plane is ready to fly!

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