Updated February 26th, 2024 at 17:35 IST

Follow These Hacks To Prevent Your Nails From Breaking

Preventing nails from breakages can be a really tiresome task but here are some easy ways in which you can prevent this.

Acrylic nails representative image | Image:Pixabay

Beauty enthusiasts worldwide often wonder, "How can I safeguard my nails from breakage and promote strength?" Whether due to frequent hand use, nail-biting, or regular nail polish application, the frustration of trimming nails to mend breakages is a common plight. Fortunately, several strategies exist to protect nails and foster strong growth.

What are the ways to prevent nails from breaking?

1. Trim nails regularly: Keeping nails shorter than usual and trimming them when softer, such as post-bath, can prevent breakages.

2. File edges smoothly: Regular filing in one direction helps prevent snagging on clothes, reducing the risk of breakage.


3. Wear gloves: Shield nails from frequent exposure to water and chemicals during household chores by wearing gloves, especially while washing dishes or cleaning.

4. Use tools, not nails: Minimise stress on nails by avoiding using them as tools for tasks like scraping or opening packages.


5. Combat nail-biting: Trim nails frequently, apply bitter nail polish, and use stress-relief devices to curb the habit of nail-biting.

6. Moisturize hands: Hydrate hands and cuticles with vitamin E hand cream or specialised nail oils to prevent dryness and splitting.


7. Allow nails to breathe: Give nails a break from polish and acrylics periodically to maintain their natural strength and moisture.

8. Maintain a balanced diet: Ensure sufficient intake of biotin-rich foods or consider a daily multivitamin supplement to support nail health.


When should you usually consult a doctor in case of nail breakage?

Home remedies are usually enough, consult a doctor if you are having swelling or redness around your nails, in case there is bleeding or pus or there are severe nail changes. The right doctor to consult in these cases is a dermatologist.


Published February 26th, 2024 at 17:17 IST