Updated March 5th, 2024 at 00:42 IST

Trying To Detox Your Hair From Heat? Try These Heatless Styling Hacks

Though heat styling tools provide speedy results and a professional touch, being dependent on them can dry out your scalp ruining the quality of your mane.

Heatless curls | Image:Unsplash

Using a straightener or heated curls can help you achieve your desired look in a matter of minutes. While the output can be truly satisfying and an appreciable go-to hack once in a while, depending on them consistently on a daily or weekly basis can wreak havoc on your mane. Here are a few heatless styling hacks to consider, keeping in mind your hair health.

Braids are your best friend

No matter if you have straight hair or a head full of curly locks, braids can work wonders either way. Simply part your hair down the center, right through the back and make a simple, straight forward braid on either side. Keep in mind however, to not make them too tight so as to not tug at the hair follicles.


Go to bed and wake up in the morning with your very own brand of curls. Spritz on some setting spray and you're good to go.

Satin will keep your hair shining

Satin headbands and satin coated flexi rods have become all the rage, going by social media trends. A flexi rod is, as the name suggests, a flexible soft rod which you will place at the center of your head and proceed to wrap the hair around it. Fasten it in place with satin scochies and peacefully go to bed.


Indulging in the same a couple of times a week will not only better help retain the moisture of your locks, but also leave them subtly (and harmlessly) styled.

Leave-in some conditioner

A lot of the times, we hastily turn to styling our hair with heat because humidity and the resulting frizz can end up completely masking the actual texture of our hair. Leave-in conditioners however, can go a long way in helping maintain the actual texture of your locks.


An additional tip in this regard is to keep a few squares of static paper handy and run them through the length of your hair to eliminate the frizz. 


Published March 4th, 2024 at 23:52 IST