Doctor Sleep And Other Popular Stephen King Books Adapted Into Films


Stephen King, the legendary writer, has over 51 books in his name. Take a look at some of the films which were based on the writer's novels.

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Doctor sleep

Stephen King, the legendary literary icon, has written several thrilling genres and his work is commonly adapted into movies. The last of which was In the Tall Grass, which released on Netflix. The film was directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film released in October and received several accolades. Next up, Stephen King’s another popular rendition is adapted into a film and is releasing soon. Doctor Sleep, the bestselling horror novel, will soon be witnessed in cinematic motion.

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We look back at some of the writer's film renditions:

It, Chapter one and two

The film is about a clown who wakes up every 27 years to feed on kids. The clown is called Pennywise, a monstrous figure trying to destroy everything in its way. It: Chapter one and two released in 2017 and 2019 respectively.  Both versions were directed by Andy Muschietti. Both movies were commercial successes and also received praise from critics for the performances and themes.

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This Stephen King novel-based film released back in 2003. The book was written after Stephen recovered from an accident in real life. Many believe that the book felt like the personal pain rendition of Stephen King himself. According to USA Box Office records, the film did averagely in the market. The film had renowned actors in its cast, like Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, and Jason Lee. 

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Doctor Sleep

In the reel-story of the film, Dan Torrence now becomes responsible to protect a special young girl form an evil cult called the True Knot. He will once again face the fears that he faced in his childhood. Doctor Sleep is directed by Mike Flanagan and stars Rebecca Ferguson and Ewan McGregor in lead roles. The film will release on November 8, 2019.

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