English Vocabulary: Five Ways To Improve Your English Language Skills


English is one of the most desired languages out there to learn. Here are 5 methods you can use to improve your command over the language. Read more to know.

Written By Hrishikesh Gawade | Mumbai | Updated On:

In any language, a good vocabulary is essential to have as it surely benefits anyone who is in the process of writing as well of speaking. Many people struggle to learn new words and improve their command of the language they desire.

However, the good news is that it is very simple. Here are the five ways that can help anyone strengthen their vocabulary in the English language and apply it in their day-to-day lives at a faster speed.

5 ways to improve your vocabulary

1. Thesaurus and Dictionaries

Carrying a pocket dictionary is arguably one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary. Thesaurus is equally important in order to learn new words. It helps us improve the scale of our own understanding and usage of words. While a dictionary contains meanings of all words in alphabetical order, a thesaurus contains their synonyms and even antonyms. Reading these two are holy books for a person who has a strong desire to have a good grasp over English.

2. Mobile applications and games

Across the internet, there are several games and applications built to help you improve your vocabulary. These are either in the form of computer or mobile games and apps which can be downloaded. Whether you are alone, bored or with your peers, it is a great way to learn the English language.

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3. Board games

There are a few games out there that do not need you to sit in front of your digital screens all the time. These games will take you back to much simpler times when the internet had not taken over human society. Games like Crossword, Scrabble and even Hangman will help you work on your usage of words and pick up new ones. Play these games with your friends and family while secretly going after your own goals.

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4. Memory tricks

Without a good memory, you will never be able to learn anything. On the other hand, if you use memory tricks, you can master almost anything with ease. One of the most recommended ways is to write it down. By writing, you enforce your brain to remember better and faster. Active repetition can boost the process even further. Word association is another technique you can use to expand the boundaries of your vocabulary. Linking one word to another can help you remember the desired word efficiently.

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5. Reading

Reading is perhaps the most recommended and appropriate way to learn new things. Reading good books will expand your horizons and make you a wizard with words. The key is to not be afraid of words which cannot be understood initially but take it as an investment to speak or write well in the future. Mark these new words and write their meanings down then and there. And in no time, you will start to see the change in your usage of language.

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