Pradeep Bhandari Turns Author; Debuts 'Modi Mandate 2019: Dispatches From Ground Zero'


Noted psephologist and Jan Ki Baat founder Pradeep Bhandari has launched his debut book, titled, "Modi Mandate 2019: Dispatches from ground zero" on Thursday

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Pradeep Bhandari

Noted psephologist and Jan Ki Baat founder Pradeep Bhandari has launched his debut book, titled Modi Mandate 2019: Dispatches From Ground Zero on Thursday. Based on how the BJP won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and emerged as the single-largest party by a gulf even wider than the stupendous mandate in 2014, the book promises to take readers through the anti-Modi vs pro-Modi battle via voices from on the ground, recounting how the people at the ground level across the nation were thinking right before the elections. It also discusses the implications of the mandate for the future of Indian politics.

'Not a book about political tourism'

Speaking to Republic World, Pradeep Bhandari said, "The book is not about political tourism, instead it is based on on-ground facts which I have gathered by visiting more than 400 constituencies. It is the first book ever in India that covers political analysis by collecting such wide primary data. If you want to know how does an Indian voter think, this book is your primary destination."

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The 2019 general elections were set against the backdrop of unexpected alliances, with the staunchest of adversaries joining hands against Narendra Modi, and in his exit-poll, Pradeep Bhandari's Jan Ki Baat had then predicted a victory of the BJP-led NDA alliance by more than 300 seats.

The alliance swept the Lok Sabha elections away with 352 seats. While we now know who won the electoral battle, the larger question is what caused this swing at a time when many had predicted the fall of Modi and the BJP, or at least a hint of anti-incumbency, and that is what has been intricately highlighted in the book, which is now available on Amazon. 

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