Updated May 19th, 2024 at 14:02 IST

Earthen Pot Or Refrigerated: Here's What Happens When You Drink Water Stored In Matka And Fridge

Both earthen pot water and refrigerated water have their unique benefits, but which one should you choose?

Earthen Pot Or Refrigerated Water? | Image:Freepik

As temperatures soar during the summer, staying hydrated becomes crucial for maintaining health and well-being. A common debate arises over the best way to drink water in the heat: should you opt for water stored in an earthen pot or chilled water from the refrigerator? Both have their own advantages, and choosing the right one can depend on your personal needs and preferences.

Benefits of Drinking Water from an Earthen Pot

Earthen pot | Image: Freepik

Natural Cooling Effect

Water stored in an earthen pot, also known as a matka, is naturally cool. The porous nature of clay allows water to evaporate from the surface, which cools the water inside. This process, called evaporative cooling, keeps the water at a refreshing temperature without the need for electricity or refrigeration.


Taste and health benefits

Many people find that water stored in earthen pots has a pleasant, earthy taste. The clay can also add trace amounts of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur, which can have various health benefits. Additionally, drinking water from an earthen pot is said to aid digestion and boost metabolism.


Environmentally friendly

Using earthen pots is an eco-friendly choice. It reduces reliance on electricity and plastic, as there’s no need for refrigeration or plastic bottles. This sustainable practice helps reduce your carbon footprint and supports traditional craftsmanship.


Benefits of drinking refrigerated water

Refrigerated water | Image: Unsplash

Immediate cooling relief

Refrigerated water provides instant cooling relief from the heat. The quick chill of cold water can help lower body temperature more rapidly, offering immediate comfort and hydration, especially after intense physical activity or exposure to high temperatures.


Having a refrigerator means you can have a consistent supply of cold water available at all times. This convenience is particularly valuable in households with multiple members or during gatherings where a quick and easy source of cold water is needed.

Hygiene and safety

Refrigerated water is typically stored in closed containers, which can protect it from contaminants and bacteria that might be present in the open air. This can be particularly important in areas where dust, insects, or other contaminants are a concern.

Choosing the right option

The choice between earthen pot water and refrigerated water ultimately depends on personal preference and lifestyle. If you enjoy a natural, earthy taste and prefer an eco-friendly method, earthen pot water is an excellent choice. It’s also gentler on the throat and digestive system, making it a healthier option for some.

On the other hand, if you need immediate cooling relief and prioritize convenience and hygiene, refrigerated water might be more suitable. It’s especially beneficial for those who engage in rigorous activities and need a quick way to cool down.


Published May 19th, 2024 at 14:02 IST