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Easy Home Decor Tips To Prep Your House For Summer

Here are some ways to make your home refreshing and summer-ready.

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A new season - whether summer or winter - always brings new vibes, new colours, and gives you an opportunity to redo your surroundings as per your mood. Here are some ways to make your home refreshing and summer-ready.

Colourful outdoor setting

We love summer sundowners, particularly when the gathering moves outside. Pick a comfortable open air seating set that encourages discussion and lingering. Some bright outside cushions and throws for are an absolute necessity. You can also spice up the setting with hint of string/ fairy lights. Consider string lights as mood, rather than task lighting for magical space.



Turn your porch into a lounge for summer evenings:

On the off chance that your house is lacking in space, transform your porch where you can simply unwind. With the correct furnishings and embellishments, your patio can give your little home an additional eating space. Giving your front entryway a colored makeover adds additional style to your yard and a point of interest for your new outdoor space.

Re-arrange Furniture

The manner in which you utilise your home in the winters versus summers is most likely to be different. Winters mean more evenings cozied up with the TV or having individuals over for occasion parties, so the furniture mirrors that. In the summer, children are bound to play computer games or read in their rooms. Moving your furniture around prepares your home for a comfy summer. Beanbags by the shelves encourage reading and lounge chairs outdoors helps you keep an eye on the kids while they play.



Amp up the bar station

Summers call out for cool-refreshing drinks. Especially when the temperature heats up, one tends to find solace in the cool drinks. For the season, fresh and fruity summer cocktails deserve a dedicated station. You could always turn that little empty corner, or an otherwise unused area in your house as a make-shift bar station. As one says, ‘every party house needs a fantastic, spilling-over bar.’

Add summer scents into your House

Probably the most ideal approach to freshen up your home for the mid-year is getting summer fragrances. Regardless of whether you love the solace of a candle or you incline toward scented oils, summer aromas can light up your state of mind. Search for brilliant, clean aromas like lemon and orange. Or then again, in case you’re a flower person, pick spring-prepared scents like lilac or rose.

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Published April 2nd, 2024 at 22:54 IST