Bridesmaid : Here Are Five Tips To Be The Best Bridesmaid Of A Wedding


Bridesmaid culture is becoming popular in India after it was exposed through several films, popular culture. We list down some tips to be the best bridesmaid.

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The official meaning of the word bridesmaid is young unmarried woman who attends to the bride on her big day. A bridesmaid has some key duties. The concept of brides having their own bridesmaid became predominant in the 1900s. Fast forward to the 21st century, a bridesmaid is essentially a confidante, a planner, and an executor all in one. A bride will make sure that apart from her own outfits and style, the bridesmaid also gets it right for the big day. Vice-versa, the bridesmaid needs to be prepared for the big day with almost everything.

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You know the bride, then you know the wedding

It is the duty of the bridesmaid to know what the bride wants. A good way to do this is to note down everything on paper. The planning is ideated by the bride but executed by the bridesmaid. The transition from paper to reality is a bridesmaid's duty. Paying attention to details is a must.

The bachelorette

The last day of the bride as a bachelorette before the wedding day is a day to celebrate. Popularly, a bridesmaid organises the bachelorette a day filled with fun activities.  It can be a small trip or a party that the bride and her close circle participates in. There can be themes according to what the bride loves, for example, a pop-themed or a pool-themed party. 

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The toast or the big speech

The bridesmaid will have to bid adieu to the bride through the toast. She will be the person giving a big speech or toast at the wedding reception. The wedding speech has to be prepared in advance. Anecdotes or nostalgia can be good emotions to express. A pro tip here is not to embarrass your bride with silly jokes or stories. 

Life of the party

No matter how stressful wedding planning can get, the bridesmaid has to make sure that the bride and others are enjoying the day. They have to keep the fun in the party going. They can schedule games or events for the married couple or even prepare dance performances. A bridesmaid has many liberties to schedule things for the wedding reception.

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A necessity checklist

Always prepare a planner. Some bridesmaids have an entire book customised according to the wedding plans which includes the theme, things to do, and miscellaneous requirements. A bridesmaid has to make sure that everything in the list is checked off. Finally, on the day she has to pack a bag of required things for the bride.

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