Hand Made Gifts | Five Handcrafted Personalised Gifts For Diwali


Buying gifts for many can become very expensive. Read ahead to know about five ideas for hand made personalised gifts for Diwali and more details on it

Written By Pooja Dhar | Mumbai | Updated On:

Diwali is the festival of lights, new clothes, sweets, and of course, lots of gifts. It doesn’t matter how old one is, when it comes to gifts, everyone always gets excited. Diwali gifts are always different from birthday gifts. There is something more fancy about these festivals, especially Diwali, that birthdays or other occasions can’t match. It is widely known that people always carry a gift as a token of love to enhance the festive vibe. And, while many gifts are bought during Diwali, it can take a toll on the pocket and have an adverse effect on the environment. Here is a list of homemade gifts for Diwali. Take a look:

Handmade Diwali gifts

Paper Cube String Lights

Regular string lights may seem a little boring. They can be found anywhere and everywhere, and have become cliché. Making paper cube string lights can add something new and different to this decorative item. In addition, it is also considered to be an eco-friendly item, as it is paper and not plastic.

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Dry Fruit Crackers

Crackers are synonymous with Diwali and dry fruit crackers are in fact the safest kind of crackers. After a quick trip to a craft or hobby store, one can very easily make colourful dry fruit crackers. Once they are made, they can be stuffed with candy or sweets (of choice). Dry fruits are always a healthier option.

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Pressed Flower Candles

Diyas and lights are kept in every nook and corner during Diwali. Gifting somebody something that is close to diyas and lights but also close to nature, is a great idea. Pressed flower candles are made out of beeswax and real flowers. These are amongst one of the most elegant looking homemade Diwali gifts.

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Eco-Friendly Diyas

It is not possible for any Diwali celebration to be complete without lighting a number of diyas. Diyas are usually made of earthenware or clay. Diyas can also be made at home with the use of dough (Atta). This means that the regular ‘roti’ dough can be turned into cute little diyas. These homemade diyas can also be decorated well and made look fancy, before gifting them.

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Mithai Hamper

Sure, there is nothing new about gifting mithais for Diwali. But, custom handmade mithai hampers are considered to be something new and interesting. It is very simple to make your own hamper. You just have to pick a box with different compartments and set on a colour and food theme. To make it even more handcrafted, the mithais to be put in the hamper can also be made at home.

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