A Perfect Diwali 2019 Look: Simple Festive Makeup Tips To Try


This Diwali, the types of clothes that you choose & makeup play a significant part in giving you an ideal look. Here are the steps to follow for a perfect look

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Diwali is upon us. This is the favorable and auspicious time of year where everyone likes to dress up and visit friends and family to wish them peace, happiness, and prosperity. For this celebration, Indian women try to look the prettiest they can. Most females prefer to wear traditional clothing such as ghagra, shalwar kameez, and saree to have a traditional look. Regardless of the type of clothes that you choose this Diwali, makeup plays a significant part in giving you your ideal look. Here are some makeup tips to follow this Diwali.

Makeup tips for a perfect Diwali look

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Foundation and Concealer

Use your base and concealer. Make sure it is natural and not very cakey. Use very little to offer a natural look to your skin. Apply the concealer properly and use your fingertips to finely spread it. Use a face powder based on your skin type to set the foundation uniformly over your skin.


Use eye shadow primer before you start your makeup. Go with a smokey look or go simple with neutral eye makeup and add a little magic to the outer ends with a smokey look. Use colours like ivory and gold and use coloured eyeliner to finish the look if you want to look bold and play with colours. You can pick a shade that matches your outfit and add a golden shade in the middle and blend it well for a brighter look. Transform your eyes with makeup on this festive occasion of Diwali

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Use waterproof, long-lasting mascara on your lashes. Make sure that you use enough to give the most beautiful look ever to your eyes. Mascara opens your eyes and makes them look larger and more beautiful. You can also use artificial eyelashes; this is a quick technique to get longer lashes.


After you are done with your eyes, finish up with your face. Apply any matte, brown eye shadow to contour your cheeks. If you have a mildly blunt nose, you can make it appear sharper by applying contouring powder on the edges of your nose. Finish it by using a blush that gives you a glowing look. Choose any colour that highlights your cheeks perfectly.


Lastly, the colour of the lip is your decision. You can keep it light or even bright coloured. If you choose to go with nude lipstick, add a lot of gloss to your lips for some spark. Reds and pinks are recommended shades for this occasion.

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