Bizarre: Skin Heels Are The Latest Halloween Fashion Trend


With Halloween around the corner, fashion brand 'Fecal Matter' has announced the release of new boots that look like human skin.

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Source: Instagram

The ever-evolving fashion world has been a home to several quirky styles and trends. While some of them managed to make their mark in the industry, there were also some that ended up in trolls. This time, with Halloween around the corner, fashion brand 'Fecal Matter' caused a stir online by announcing the release of new boots that look like human skin. As per media reports, a Canada based designer duo- Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, has brought to market the footwear that comes in several otherworldly designs like- individual toes, devil horns and heels in the shape of bones.

As the company is unveiling their latest collection during Halloween, they have launched boots that are of human feet colour and have extended horn-like structures added to it. The very eerie appearance of the boots has grabbed the attention of the customers. While some people have found the structures 'disturbing', some have identified them as an amazing piece of work.

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Here's how the boots look:


(Source: Instagram) 

(Source: Instagram)

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(Source: Instagram)

(Source: Instagram)

As per media reports, The price of a pair of footwear is set at 10,000 US Dollars. 'Fecal Matter' founders Hannah and Steven, who designed the creepy footwear are known for their fantastical, horror-tinged designs. The first picture of the footwear that were released was Photo shopped and not practically wearable. However, the designer duo actually moulded the footwear into reality bringing their imagination into reality. Reportedly, the designers are worked with the artist Sarah Sitkin, who specialises in creating replicas of bodies and body parts to make the boots. 

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However, for fittings and the customization, one reportedly needs to stand and get the shoes moulded in order to make it of the perfect shape and size. The unworldly collection of the designers have socked the internet. Models posing wearing the shoes on their official Instagram page are also carrying an un-earthly disguise that compliments the footwear.   


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