Denim Shopping: Here Are A Few Hacks To Buy The Perfect Denim For You


After LBD, denim is a must-have in every wardrobe. With a variety to pick from, you can often choose the wrong ones for you. Here is a guide for denim shopping.

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Denim is the basic necessity of every wardrobe. Every time you open anyone’s wardrobe, there will most definitely be a pair of denim in it. Apart from the necessity, it is universally accepted that denim can give you the chic of looks. From shirts to jackets to joots, everything is available to amp up the wardrobe with types of denim. However, with such a wide variety, it is often difficult to buy the perfect denim for your wardrobe. Here is a guide for your denim shopping.

Here is the guide you need for your Denim Shopping

For Women

Everyone has a different body and hence the denim requirements always differ. There are always elements of your body that you want to enhance. Here are a few tips to help you find the pieces of denim that fit you perfectly. To enhance an hourglass-shaped- body, it is advised to try out a straight cut or a boot cut. Flared pants also beautifully compliment all kinds of figures. For taller women, high waist denim is always a great option. Whereas for shorter framed women, mid-rise denim looks comparatively more flattering. Cropped Jeans and boyfriend jeans offer a relaxed fit that helps in balancing apple-shaped bodies. Another type to try out is GYMJNS, which are basically high stretch. They are in rage right now for being extremely comfortable.

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For Men

For men with thin-framed bodies, the most flattering look would be with straight cut jeans or some regular fit jeans. It is always advised to make sure that the jeans do not overwhelm the body structure. Aged denim is also in trend right now as vintage never goes out of style. Men with athletic bodies can opt for a slim fit or regular fit denim. Men with a broad frame can look for mid-rise and a relaxed denim fit. Paired with un-tucked shirts, this is a great look to follow. Regardless, no matter what the occasion is, there is always denim for it all.

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