Fashionable Lehenga Saree Trends For The Upcoming Wedding Season


Fashion: Wedding season is in full flow and lehenga saree is one Indian traditional wear that you can definitely not miss. Know why not to miss wearing lehenga.

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Lehenga Sarees have been the latest fashion trend this wedding season. The reasons are very simple - lehenga sarees are a blend of true style and elegance and not to forget, they're very convenient. It avoids the haul of pleating a saree that most modern girls tend to avoid. This makes lehenga saree one of the must-wear outfits for the wedding season.

Reasons to opt for lehenga saree

You should definitely opt for lehenga saree for the upcoming wedding season. There are various reasons you may want to know about wearing this fashion trend. They are classy and trendy and they mix the traditional appeal of a saree and the majestic lehenga. You should opt for lehenga saree because there are variations to the wearing this classy and trendy outfit.  You can drape the pallu in various ways based upon the origins of regions. Here are some of the best variations that you can try for. In this style, you can pleat and drape the pallu on your right shoulder and pull it from back to the front. This will give your lehenga saree and make it look Gujrati-styled. You can also pin the pallu towards the lower end of lehenga

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Rajrani Style Variation

This is another version of wearing your lehenga saree. It is an extension to the Gujrati style lehenga saree. You can pull the pallu up and pin it to your blouse on your shoulder. It will give your pallu a V-shaped look that will look similar to a dupatta drape.

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Conventional Saree Style

This is the most used fashion trend. You can pull the pallu just like a saree, that is from the front to the back. This will look the best when your pallu is embroidered and designed. It will make your lehenga saree more appealing.

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