Hair Care: Here Are Four Essential And Simple Grooming Tips For Men


Hair care tips are highly sought after by men. Here's a 4 point grooming guide for men to keep their hair not only stylish, but also healthy for the long term.

Written By Sherwin D'Cunha | Mumbai | Updated On:
Hair care tips

If there is one thing people care about the most in their physical attributes, it is their hair. Many believe that the way your hair looks is extremely important for one's overall personality and grooming. In fact, the entire grooming industry for men is surrounded around products that promise a better crop on their head.  But overdoing one's hair with products and falling for every commercial trend may not be the best advice to follow. Here are four essential hair care tips for men that will ensure that their grooming is on-point: 

4 Hair Care Tips for Men 

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1. Don't wash your hair every day (unless the doctor orders) 

The simple hair care tips include the simple formula of not stressing your crop out with too many chemicals. Many believe that washing your hair daily will keep that fluff and volume in check. However, washing your hair daily is a sure-shot way to damage your roots. Contrary to the belief that by washing your hair daily, you will help the longevity of having good hair, facts are the exact opposite. Washing your hair daily can be detrimental to the scalp of your hair, as it scrapes away the essential oil. However, it is important to note that some studies have recommended washing your hair as often as needed, especially if you tend to sweat very often or have very fine hair.  

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2. Use the right kind of shampoo

The right kind of shampoo is important when you wash your hair. Sometimes, men use water alone to wash their hair, which makes it rough. Sometimes men double-up their soap bar for washing their hair, but that could damage the quality of the hair and lead to breakage of the hair follicle. Choosing a shampoo friendly to one's hair type is essential so that it does not chip away the oil that helps to hydrate and take care of the scalp. 

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3. Gently towel dry your hair 

Some people have a tendency to aggressively rub their hair after a good hair wash in the hope that it will style well when it is dry. This may actually do more harm than good to one's hair. One should gently dry the hair with a towel and not rub it. Aggressively rubbing the towel to dry the hair would lead to breakage.  

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4. Visit the barber every month

Final among this list of hair care tips: the barber visit is important! Unless you want to be the Jason Momoa of your group, visit the barber every four to six weeks. More than from a fashion perspective, split ends means more damage to the hair. One's hair will appear to be longer but thinner and more unhealthy should one skip the barber visits. Regular hair cuts help you to not just have a tidy look, but it also helps in maintaining the shape of hair.

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