Hair Hacks For Frizzy Hair And To Control Static During Cold Weather


Do you have frizzy hair? The chilly weather can make it worse. To beat the hair woes, here is a list of tips to help you get through the chilly weather

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Winter demands extra attention when it comes to hair as the chances of hair getting frizzy and dull gets higher. Hence it is important to make sure you are following some regimen properly. To beat the hair woes, here is a list of tips to help you get through the chilly weather

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How to avoid static in hair:

If your hair is super dry then try using drier sheets. Use a few dry sheets and put them on your hair and run them through your hair and they literally detangle everything.

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Condition your hair a lot:

To prevent them from being really dry and brittle, dull and dead looking in the wintertime make sure you use a lot of conditioners. Focus more on the tips of your hair as opposed to the roots. When we follow the hacks we take care of our scalp but in winter it is necessary to take care of your tips as well. Choose a shampoo and conditioner formulated especially for your scalp and hair type.

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Revamp your winter scalp routine: 

You should treat your scalp in the same way you look after your skin. In winter, this is increasingly important as the air is drier which results in moisture being zapped from your skin. This is the same for your scalp. Invest in good hair oil to lock in moisture. Hair oil should be all-natural. If your hair type is coarse, you should use a heavier oil. If you have fine hair you should use a lighter one, twice a week. Take two to three drops of organic coconut or sesame oil and apply to damp hair to tame flyaways.

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